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Dreambattle thread

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  • Sure they won't get away, but that won't mean that they won't win

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • No, but it does mean that it can swiftly and powerfully exploit Mew's weaknesses. Seriously two attacks signal beam or shadow ball at the most and Mew is down or trying to play the recover game. If mew wastes time trying to transform then it's already down one move... if it tries to raise stats or dibilitate Mewtwo... it's still down one attack. It would have to hope for a one hit KO to really have any sort of chance.


  • Don't underestimate Mew now. Mewtwo is stronger, I'll admit that. But Mew is no joke I say that they go back and forth for a while and when they come down to he wire, a quick use of me first let's mew move first and copy your move, so if you were using shadow ball or signal beam it would hurt you and me first makes it more powerful, so it should be more than enough.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • Mewtwo can learn the same attack... so it would definitely be down to move sets, but say Mewtwo were to use a move like thunder wave. Me First wouldn't work on that, and it would leave Mew paralyzed. Then take in a move like Fling. It's dark type and even if Mew were to use me first, it would come down to the held item. If Mewtwo were holding the iron ball... 130 damage right there. Double that for super effective... game over. So it would basically come down to strategy and move set, but I'd undoubtedly stick my money on Mewtwo.


  • Even thuogh Mewtwo has the advantage, I'm still gonna go with Mew because it's the one of the most versiatile pokemon there is(only other pokemon that can learn so many moves is mseargle) Plus he's cuter, and the last time a cute pokemon was underestimated, everyone got rolled over by a miltank

    Now that's 'what's your color" thread had got me thinking: who would come out on top from each region in a 4-way battle. Who would be the best grass, fire and water starter?Which region would come out on top if instead of a free for all, one region took on another region?

    I'm not sure about the type showdown, but as far as the regions go, I say either between kanto and sinnoh.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • I say double battle style rules, three pokemon (like the battle frontier) and I'd have to give props to either Kanto starters... or the Hoenn starters. Sinnoh's third level evolutions have too many exploitable weaknesses. Empoleon is x4 to electric, Infernape is very weak to special type ground attacks and psychic... then there is the problem that Torterra is really weak to ice. I'd give it to Kanto personally, just because Blastoise is quite versatile and it's strength and defense are almost unparalleled between the four starter waters. Charizard's flying would take down the two fighting and fire starters (infernape and blaziken) and Venisaur would be able to cream most of the waters and even the other grass types because of it's poison type advantage.


  • I would go with Kanto over Hoenn. The Hoenn starters were the weakest set of starters to me.Now that I had some time to thing about the type matchup, I would have to go with either Venesaur or Torterra.Venesaur's posion type moves would lose thier super-effectiveness with him/her, plud his good defense may give venesaur a worthy opponent.

    With water, I say Blastoise too but Feraligtr, if trained properly, could easily become an annoyance, even for Blastoise. As for fire, my mind says Charizard, but my heart(get it?) says that Typhlosion could make a run for that crown. Call me crazy, but I believe that Typhlosion(or at least mine) could go toe-to-toe with Charizard and win.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • Nicely put but my lvl 100 infernape would toast your typhlosion!

  • Nope... Charizard would kill your Infernape with one wing attack...

    Now correct me if I'm wrong but I think that Charizard can learn a ground type move yes? Earthquake? Would finish off Typlosion cause Charizard is immune to ground.


  • Typhlosion can learn Thunderpunch and some rock type moves too (Rollout, Rock tomb, Rock Slide), all of which would be 4x effective against Charizard, due to it being part flying.

    O and benjamin, sry but I agree with sari. Infernape is strong (an improved version of Blaziken), but it's not good defensive-wise.Charizard  would win because from my experiences Charizars is stronger and faster and would attack first. 1 or 2 wing attacks or air slashes and it's over.

    ......Wait, did I just agree with sari?

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • Agreed...

    and, yes, Typhlosion can learn those  moves, but unfortunately it's lowest base stats are def and HP... meaning that depending on who moved first... earthquake is a more powerful attack. Plus Charizard can also learn dig... and if it were to attack with a Dragon type move such as Outrage (which lasts for a minimum of two turns) Typhlosion would be down. It would depend on speed, as the two of them share identical base stats, but I still think that Charizard has the necessary power on his side.


  • Typhlosion does get Roll-out, a rock type move that builds with power. And unless you are playing the original cartridges, Charizard is now a flying-type vunerable to rock-type moves. SO its 50/50 either way.

  • It does build power, but it's relatively low... and if Charizard where to use dig... it would miss and Typhlosion would be forced to start over again.


  • which is why i would use either rock slide or rock tomb.Also, if you were to use dig, u better hope I don't know earthquake(Does double damage to enemies underground.)

    On a side note, My internet is experiencing techinal difficulties, so i'm not going to be on as much.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • I concede the point... it would be very close.


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