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Favorite Type

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  • Ok so we got Starmie Vs Absol, Lanturn Vs Azelf, now we just need a matchup for Feraligatr and we may have a serious 3 on 3 battle on our hands.

    Your move Sari.

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  • My favs would pretty much be Pyschic and Electric Type.

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  • Hmmm... lemme see. Definitely would have to throw Alakazam against Feraligatr. Mainly because of the insane amount of speed and spec. atk that is mixed into him. Plus he can learn a grass and a lightning type attack to deal with all water and most flying types... add in recover, and I think he'd be able to throw down with Feraligatr and it's lower spec. def.


  • Hmm but on the surface this looks almost like the Lanturn vs Azelf scenario. If Alakazam can't do a 1 hit K.O. then it's screwed. Alakazam is a great pokemon, I love it (I even have a shiny one), but it's defense blows and in my opinion, not all the EV training in the world can compete with the pokemon natural ability. It may help, but only by a little. A crunch or two and it's bye bye.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • Psychic ftw!

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  • (Ok... odd... I know I posted in this forum yesterday for this topic... weird)

    As I said before... Alakazam with this moveset:

    Hold item: bright powerder (lowers foes accuracy)

    Double Team




    Alakazam uses double team, and will move first cause of insane speed stats. If Feraligatr misses with crunch... Double team again. Recover is there to be a buffer based upon damage. If Crunch isn't as effective as you want it to be, then it's game over nonetheless. Throw thunderbolt in to strike... if it's not a one hit KO then you'll only need to follow-up once. Just wait for Feraligatr to miss again and it's all over.


  • Psychics and Electric


  • Sari, I know that you responded to this yesterday, because I read it. It's not just you, because the comment I left is gone too, so heres the comment again:

    Alakazam can learn shock wave and charge beam, but not thunderbolt

    The problem with this is that it hinges on feraligatr missing. From personal experience, even with brightpowder, it takes at least 2-4 double teams before i start to see an effect.(your experiences may be better, but I can't speak for you) Also, yes even though crunch may not do as much damage as expected, it will still hurt enough to ensure a 2-hit win (due to Alakazam physical defense) and theres always a chance to lower his defenses more to make it a 1 hit.

    On a side note, maybe we should move this to either a conversation or a seperate thread, because i'm getting the feeling that we're approaching "thread takeover' terrority.Something tells me that our last posts dissappearing was not a mistake.....

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • Ah... we'll just agree that it would be a good match and leave it at that, yes?


  • Yes it would definately be a good match.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • I removed the comments because I asked that they be moved to the thread for this kind of thing. If you don't like the thread then please create another one. But lets just leave this for favorite TYPE not who would beat who based on TYPE. Thank you.

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