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Arceus Challange

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  • For the peoplw who are not aware of what i'm talking about, the arceus event is when you trade a special arceus (obtained at toys r us last november) to your copy of HG or SS.  When traded, the special arceus allows you to recieve either a palkia, dialga, or giratina, each at level 1 and with thier corresponding orbs.

    It quickly became obivious that I seem to be the only one that has arceus. Now, of course i could just trade it to everyone, but wheres the fun in that? Thats where the arceus challange comes in.To be eligible for the challange, you must meet these requirements:

    1.) You must have the national dex(I don't think I can trade arceus to you until you have it)

    2.) You must have collateral (the trade is only until you get your sinnoh legendary, then arceus comes back to me. It's just a way to make sure i get it back) I will accept the following pokemon as collaterial:

    Lugia, Ho-oh, Deoxys, Darkrai, Mew,

    Why these you ask? Because these are some of the hardesr legendaries to find. Mew, Dexoys and Darkrai are event pokemon (like arecus) and are extremely difficult to find.  As for Lugia And Ho-oh,  Hg and SS are the only way that you should have these legendaries, unless u cheated or bought an used pokemon game that already had them on there. (it's still cheating, but you didn't personally cheat, just benefitted from someone else cheating)

    Once you meet these requirements, the last one is real simple............

    A BATTLE!!!!!

    I will use my Arceus and Palkia (the one i chose) to battle any 2 pokemon that you choose. The battle will be a single battle with a level 50 cap (which means that all pokemon will be level 50) All you have to do is win, and Arceus is yours!! (at least until you do the event)

    Once you meet the first 2 requirements, start a conversation saying that you're ready for the challange. I have college classes on monday, tuesday and thursday night, so keep these in mind when scheduling. Also, to cut down on time between challanges, plz use your copy of HG/SS so this can move along faster.

    Challanges will be on a first come, first served basis.

    I believe that's it. So, are you ready?

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • how do you get the national dex? what do you have to do to get it or when?



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  • you get it when u beat the pokemon league and get on the boat to go to kanto. prof oak will give it to you.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • oh ok, i have a ways to go then...i havent beaten the elite 4 yet lol. still trying to pump my pokemon up to a high enough level to take them on



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  • Do legit shinies count as collateral? Just asking... cause I may need Lugia to actually try and beat your Arceus.


  • U can use your lugia to battle arceus and then if you win you can use it as collateral.

    My only New's Resoloution is to start restoring my video game collection.

  • ah! I see... that works then... now all I need is the national dex.


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