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Welcome to the new Game Informer Online. Before you jump into our community, we’d like to explain some of the benefits and rewards you can earn by being an active participant.

Standard Level
Here’s where you’ll start. New users have access to our forums and groups, just by registering. Have something to say about a news story or feature? Post about it in our comments section. Better yet, write about it on your own Game Informer blog.

Bronze Level
When you become a Bronze-level user, your blog will automatically be added to our user blog page, making it easy for millions of users to check out what you have to say. You’ll also be able to share your game knowledge through game guides.

Silver Level
Silver users can interact with the community in even more ways, whether through user polls or individually created groups.

Gold Level
Only the most dedicated users will hit Gold status, but it’s worth it. Those veterans will be able to access exclusive Elite forums.

Subscriber Level
After linking your Game Informer Magazine subscription information with your Game Informer Online account, you’ll immediately be able to access magazine content that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, including interviews, video features and more. Speaking of video, subscribers will be able to download hi-res video files directly from our site. And as a special thanks, subscribers’ blogs appear on the front page of our blog section right from the start.

Expert Level
So you think you’re a know it all? We’ll be the judge. The Game Informer staff will be on the lookout for users that display a strong level of knowledge about certain games or game series’. Users can become experts by creating comprehensive game guides, answering questions and leaving knowledgeable comments. These expert users are all hand-picked and will receive a special label when they post. Experts are expected to be courteous, positive members of the Game Informer community.

Contributor Level
If you want to score Contributor Level status, you’ll have to earn it. We’re constantly looking out for users who have the most insightful comments or consistently interesting blog posts. Those hand-picked contributors will get access to special forums and groups, and their contributions could appear front and center alongside the Game Informer staff.

Developer Level
Do you work on games? If so, let us know. We’ll hook you up with the Developer Level.
user level benefits
Subscriber Standard
Access Exclusive Magazine Content
Download Hi-Res Video Files
Exclusive Subscriber Forums
Create A Profile
Create A Blog
Post Comments And In Forums
Join A Group
Write A Game Review
Blog On The Front Page At Level 5
Create and Edit Game Guides At Level 5 At Level 5
Create Polls At Level 10 At Level 10
Create Your Own Group At Level 10 At Level 10
Join Elite Forums At Level 15 At Level 15
rewards points system
Activity Points Earned
Comment on a Post 5
Forum Posts 5
Blog Posts 5
Rate a Story/Post 1
User Game Review 5
Edit Guide 5
Create Guide 15
Level Points Required
Lvl 1 0
Lvl 2 10
Lvl 3 100
Lvl 4 250
Lvl 5 Bronze 500
Lvl 6 750
Lvl 7 1000
Lvl 8 1500
Lvl 9 2000
Lvl 10 Silver 3000
Lvl 11 5000
Lvl 12 7000
Lvl 13 10000
Lvl 14 25000
Lvl 15 Gold 50000