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  • Replay – Ecco The Dolphin

    175 1

    Watch as resident Sega expert Tim Turi struggles to defeat this game's bizarre final boss.

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  • Replay – Tenchu: Stealth Assassins


    Metal Gear Solid wasn't the only PSone stealth title to come out in the fall of 1998. Watch us test our sneaking skills in this new episode.

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  • Replay – Splinter Cell


    On this week's episode of Replay, Dan Ryckert, Tim Turi, Andrew Reiner, and I revisit the Xbox release that started the Splinter Cell series.

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  • Replay – Robocop


    Freeze, punk! On this week's episode of Replay, we check out an Xbox interpretation of the classic film franchise.

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  • Replay – Dino Crisis 3


    Do you think going to space will save you from dinosaurs? Wrong! The prehistoric thunder lizards leave Earth and reach for the stars in this bizarre action game.

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  • Replay – Psi-Ops


    We return to the game that got the Force better than any actual Star Wars game before it.

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  • Replay – Mischief Makers

    127 1

    These week we take a look at an overlooked N64 game by Treasure and introduce an odd new second segment.

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  • Replay – Hercules


    This Nintendo 64 title introduces Titus to Kevin Sorbo. What could go wrong?

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  • Replay – MediEvil


    Does the 1998 gameplay hold up? Or is it showing signs of decomposition?

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  • Replay – Bushido Blade

    190 10

    We pop in the original Bushido Blade and introduce our new segment, Replay Roulette.

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  • Replay – StarCraft 64

    127 2

    Blizzard's latest masterpiece has arrived in the form of StarCraft II, but not every release has been perfect for the StarCraft franchise.

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  • Replay – King's Field


    From Software's cryptic first-person RPG, with its deliberate combat and vague direction, laid the groundwork for the Dark Souls series.

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