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  • Replay – Primal

    40 2

    We explore the underworld in this ambitious 2003 title from Sony's Cambridge studio.

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  • Replay – Swashbucklers


    We check out an alternate history pirate game on PS2 involving schizophrenia, the civil war, corn, mumbling, and more

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  • Replay – Spy Fiction


    Long before Deadly Premonition aped Twin Peaks, Swery took a shot at his own version of Metal Gear Solid.

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  • Super Replay Showdown – Week Two


    Last week we started Super Replay Showdown, our new office competition to help determine what game will be the focus of a future Super Replay. While the first episode was devoted to announcing our choices and creating the tournament brackets, this week we get down to the dirty business of eliminating contestants.

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  • Replay – Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier


    The Game Informer staff takes a look back at the sixth installment in the Jak & Daxter series. Yes, there were six games based in this franchise.

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  • Replay – The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker


    With Link's GameCube adventure heading to the Wii U, we decided it was time to hit the high seas in the original.

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  • Replay – Ico

    44 1

    We may be a ways away from hearing concrete information about Team Ico's next title, but that's not stopping us from revisiting their first.

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  • Super Replay Showdown – Week Three


    Plenty of drama erupts in the Replay room when Reiner takes on Phil and Joe takes on Dan.

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  • Replay – Dead Man's Hand


    We play Human Head Studios' foray into the western genre.

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  • Replay – Second Sight


    Second Sight combines gunplay and supernatural powers, along with a hefty amount of stealth and storytelling. But does it stack up to the better-known Psi-Ops?

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  • Replay – Xena: Warrior Princess


    In this video, we take a look at two Xena games released by two different publishers in the same year.

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  • Replay – Tail Concerto

    40 1

    On this week's episode of Replay, the Game Informer gang has a hard time identifying cats and dogs in CyberConnect2's PlayStation title, Tail Concerto.

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