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  • Replay – Glover


    Many ask us to revisit classic games like Super Metroid or Mario 64, but sometimes fervent fans ask for something less Glover.

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  • Replay – WWF No Mercy

    114 1

    The GI crew takes each other on in a four-way ladder match, and Reiner dons the ref shirt in a one-on-one bout.

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  • Replay – War Of The Monsters


    In celebration of the recently announced Starhawk, we decided to go back to an earlier game from many of the same developers.

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  • Replay – Syphon Filter


    This game came to glory when stealth games were booming, but its focus on intense firefights and objective-based missions separated it from the pack.

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  • Replay – Jurassic Park


    Replay's first look at a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game is a stinky visit to Ben Hanson's dreamworld.

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  • Replay – Super Mario Galaxy

    65 1

    We return to the star-collecting, planet-hopping adventure that's not only one of the best Wii games, but one of the greatest platformers of all time.

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  • Replay – Zone Of The Enders

    98 1

    We play Konami's fast-paced mech title, along with the demo that caused many gamers to buy it.

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  • Replay – Tomb Raider


    Lara Croft’s debut wowed gamers with cutting edge graphics, ingenious level design, and engaging puzzles. Has time been gentle to the original Tomb Raider?

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  • Replay – Might And Magic III: Isles Of Terra


    After trusting Adam as our guide and plunging into the moose rat-infested pits of Fountain Head, we emerge with a new, err... appreciation of the classic PC RPG.

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  • Replay – Power Stone


    We duke it out to see who reigns supreme in this wacky Dreamcast fighter.

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  • Replay – Joe & Mac 2


    Is 1993's prehistoric platformer as good as Dan seems to remember? We find out in this week's episode.

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  • Replay – Treasures of the Deep


    Get ready to get wet. Treasures of the Deep is a 1997 release that allowed player to capture dolphins in nets and kill every marine animal known to man. Also, you can kill man.

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