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  • Replay – Headhunter


    Watch us struggle to control a motorcycle or have any fun with this mediocre PS2 action title.

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  • Replay – Deus Ex

    96 1

    This week we're taking a look at the 2000 PC classic Deus Ex with the mastermind himself, Warren Spector.

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  • Replay – Pocky & Rocky


    Game Informer's month-long celebration of co-op gaming once again extends to Replay, our silly show that revisits gaming's past.

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  • Replay – Contra


    We dig back into one of the best co-op games of all time.

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  • Replay – Viewtiful Joe

    104 2

    Join Tim Turi, Andrew Reiner, Jim Reilly, and myself as we warp time in Viewtiful Joe and then warp our minds during the Replay Roulette.

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  • Replay – Darkwatch

    270 1

    Before High Moon Studios was tackling licenses like The Transformers and Deadpool, it created a new IP about a vampiric cowboy with a thirst for blood and murder.

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  • Super Replay – Super Metroid

    511 4

    Return to Zebes (Zee-bees? Zeebs? Ze-bess?) with us to defeat Mother Brain in this SNES classic. 

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  • Replay – Die Hard Vendetta

    83 2

    This Bruce-less affair leaves us begging for a genuinely good Die Hard game.

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  • Replay – Blood Wake


    Epic Games' Rod Fergusson and Wes Phillips join the Replay crew for an informative and competitive look back at Microsoft's Blood Wake.

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  • Super Replay – Half-Life: Bonus Episode

    91 1

    Many of you have been wondering what happened to all of the outtakes we include in our Super Replay episodes. Maybe you were worried that we had forgotten about or even purposely neglected to include them. Quite the opposite!

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  • Replay – Psi-Ops


    We return to the game that got the Force better than any actual Star Wars game before it.

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  • Replay – Max Payne GBA


    Don't write off this less-powerful version of the game yet; check out our surprising Replay first.

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