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  • Replay – Star Wars Rebel Assault 2

    With the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, everyone on staff has Star Wars fever. There's always a little bit of Star Wars fever going around, to be honest, but we're nearing a true epidemic. In honor of our sickness (which has kept some... More
  • Replay – Joe & Mac 2


    Is 1993's prehistoric platformer as good as Dan seems to remember? We find out in this week's episode.

    ... More
  • Super Replay – Yoshi's Island

    326 3

    We protect Baby Mario and take down Baby Bowser in our complete playthrough of the severely underrated SNES gem.

    ... More
  • Replay – SSX Tricky

    247 1

    With a new installment on the horizon, we look back at what might be the best snowboarding game of all time.

    ... More
  • Replay – The Hobbit


    Join us as we explore the Shire in Sierra's attempt to render Tolkien's classic fantasy novel in game form.

    ... More
  • Replay – Rayman


    With Rayman Origins on the shelves, we take a look back to the Playstation launch title that started it all.

    ... More
  • Replay – Zelda Games On CD-i


    What better way to celebrate Skyward Sword's release than looking back at Zelda's darkest hour?

    ... More
  • Replay – Max Payne

    77 1

    We decided to pop in this Remedy classic, shoot up some bad guys in bullet time, and reminisce on the sorry life of one of gaming's greatest sad sacks.

    ... More
  • Super Replay – Galerians

    516 3

    THIS IS IT! Join us as we face down the final boss and a bunch of surprises.

    ... More
  • Replay – X-COM


    We go back to the turn-based inspiration for 2K Marin's upcoming shooter revival to see if it holds up.

    ... More
  • Replay – Doom


    We check out the grandfather of the modern shooter and discuss the concept of "fistols" on this week's episode.

    ... More
  • Replay – The Thing

    109 1

    With the recent release of The Thing, a prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 film called The Thing, we thought it was time to replay the 2002 video game sequel, also called The Thing.

    ... More