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In addition to covering all of the most important news coming out of the video game industry, we do our best each week to bring you the most informative and entertaining previews, video features, and editorial content you won’t find anywhere else. Here are the biggest stories from the past week:


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70 Questions And Answers About No Man's Sky

by Ben Hanson

No Man's Sky presents players with a practically infinite galaxy to explore. Needless to say, this raises a few questions. In an attempt to clear up exactly what this ambitious game is and isn't capable of presenting to players, Game Informer's Jeff Cork sat down with Hello Games founder Sean Murray to find the limits of No Man's Sky. If you're hungry for more, you can read our February cover story in the magazine to learn more about gameplay.


The Path To No Man's Sky's 'End Game'

by Jeff Cork

When I talk about No Man’s Sky, either on the site or with friends, I typically get one of two reactions. It’s either, “That sounds cool,” or “That sounds cool, but what’s the point?” I get it; a lot of people like to play games with a greater purpose in mind. They want to rescue a princess or kill the bad guy or save the universe – possibly even all three at once. Hello Games’ spacefaring adventure isn’t easily explained, and the fact that the studio doesn’t want to reveal all of its secrets doesn’t make it any easier. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a goal in the game, for people who want more than simply idling through space, scanning planets, and gathering minerals. There’s a central mystery at the center of the game’s galaxy, and we’re sharing all we currently know about it.

Coping With The Hype Of No Man's Sky

by Ben Hanson

Ever since No Man's Sky was unveiled during the Spike VGX awards in 2013, the internet's anticipation for this ambitious game has grown astronomically. The small studio Hello Games in Guildford, England is creating an entire galaxy, and the gaming community is starting to expect infinite possibilities. While visiting the studio for our January cover story on No Man's Sky, we spoke with studio founder Sean Murray about what it's like to be in the eye of the hurricane of hype and how the team deals with that kind of external pressure.

Tips For Completing The Urn Of Sacrifice Quest Chain In Destiny's The Dark Below

by Mike Futter

If you’ve been playing the first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, this week, you might have noticed that one quest couldn’t be completed yet. Now that Xur is back in the Tower (look for him on the way to the Vanguard class mentors), you can purchase an item you need.

Opinion – Dragon Age: Inquisition Has The Best Cast In The Series To Date

by Kimberly Wallace

Dragon Age: Inquisition has my favorite cast by far. In the past two entries, I've only enjoyed a few select members from each game (cough, cough Morrigan and Varric), but I've never found an ensemble as powerful as Dragon Age: Inquisition, where even if I didn't like certain cast members, I still found their arcs interesting and impactful.

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