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In addition to covering all of the most important news coming out of the video game industry, we do our best each week to bring you the most informative and entertaining previews, video features, and editorial content you won’t find anywhere else. Here are the biggest stories from the past week:


Top News Stories


Everything We Know About Mega Man 11's Robot Masters

by Ben Reeves

Over the course of Mega Man's 30-year history, the adorable blue robot has worked his way through more than 130 evil robots. You might think Capcom was starting to run out of ideas (the last Mega Man game included a character called Sheep Man, after all), but Mega Man 11's Robot Masters are as inventive as ever. Unfortunately, Capcom is being tight-lipped about these new bots, so we've scraped together every little detail we could collect related to Mega Man's stylish foes.


The Inside Story Of Take-Two's New Publishing Label, Private Division

by Matt Bertz

The video game industry is built on unsteady ground. Its tectonic plates constantly shift as this $100 billion global business expands to new platforms, publishers search for new revenue models, and studios rise and fall. The volatile but lucrative console market makes it hard for anyone but the most entrenched development teams to maintain solid footing over a long period of time. Why spend hundreds of millions of dollars on novel new ideas that could fail in this hypercompetitive landscape when you could sink more marketing and funding into sure bets like Madden, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft, making them living services that continue to receive new content throughout the year?

Sick Stunts On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's New Motorcycle

by Kyle Hilliard

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Champions' Ballad DLC adds a motorcycle to the game. If that's not a reason to try and pull off the sickest stunts in all of Hyrule, then what are we even doing here? To acquire the motorcycle, (A.K.A. the Master Cycle Zero) you must play through the new DLC in its entirety. It's an impressive unlock for the game and it really changes exploration in radical ways. We decided to put the cycle to the test by pulling off sick wheelies, sick jumps, sick experiments, sick combat, and a whole lot more. We even get into some sick spoilers, so be wary if you haven't defeated Ganondorf yet, or you want to keep the DLC a surprise.

Designing Mega Man 11's New Look

by Ben Hanson

With Game Informer's January cover story on Mega Man 11, we're offering a deep dive on how Capcom is reviving the beloved blue bomber. One of the first priorities for the new team was to sketch out their new approach to Mega Man himself. While visiting Capcom's headquarters in Osaka, we sat down with Mega Man 11's art director Yuji Ishihara to talk about his history within the company and the giant task of updating one of gaming's most iconic characters.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – The Champion's Ballad Review

by Suriel Vazquez

A common refrain you might hear from someone who’s finished one of today’s massive open-world games is that they would have liked any excuse to explore more of that world. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s second (and likely final) DLC, The Champion’s Ballad, is exactly that; it sprinkles Hyrule with several new shrines, outfits, tools, and a dungeon, giving players new objectives to work through while giving them reasons to explore old areas they might have ignored the first time around.

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Ineffective Commercialism

StarterPack writes about Battlefront 2 and how EA really messed up one of the biggest IPs in, well, everything. Maybe things will get better in due time, but I haven't enjoyed this sequel nearly as much as the first game and previous iterations of the franchise before EA got a hold of it.

A Vision for the Next Overwatch Character

I haven't played Overwatch yet, but I recognize quite a few of the characters. Here Brendon Curzio breaks down the character he'd like to add, and he had me at ninja. This may sound odd, but I'm way more interested in these characters and their stories than the actual game.

Why Do People Spend Hundreds of Dollars on a Video Game?

I ask the same question, MikComposer. I rarely spend money on games unless it's for DLC, and even then, I try to buy that on sale. But throwing down bones for something like Pokémon Go coins? Not a chance. Kudos to you if it makes you happy. I just can't justify it.


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