Game Informer: Dishonored World Map
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The World of Dishonored

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Most of known civilization has arisen here, clinging to life on a small collection of islands far from any other landmass. An array of several small nation-states sits hidden away in the vastness of the dangerous ocean. In recent years, an Imperial government has overseen all the Isles, but each individual nation has maintained its own monarch and relative autonomy.

The World

Dishonored takes place in one city of a much larger world that shares similarities with Earth, but is most definitely a different place. While many small features set it apart, one central element is pervasive. This is a hostile place. From impenetrable seas and distant wild continents to oppressive governments and plague-ridden streets, this is a dangerous place to exist.

The Marking of Time

The world’s calendar has an interesting feature. After 13 months of 28 days, there is always some indeterminate amount of time left over before the astrological clock resets. The High Overseer of the Abbey of the Everyman (the religion of the world) dictates what this amount of time will be, and so begins the Fugue Feast. This becomes a period of sanctioned free anarchy. Existing “out of time,” the people can do what they want without consequences. Kill a rival. Sleep with a stranger’s wife. Do unspeakable things. Anything is allowed during the Fugue Feast.

Northern Wastes

The northernmost island and its cold, frozen steppes have the most harsh and difficult seasons. Men and women in furred boots trudge through the snow and eke out what life they can manage.

Gloomy Stones

The craggy, black rocks of Morley make for a bleak land filled with hardy people. Gloomy weather makes Morley an unhappy place to visit, and even more unhappy in which to abide.

Savage Shores

As far as the people of the Isles are concerned, there is no civilization on the distant Pandyssian Continent. In all likelihood, there are probably trader and merchant cultures living along the edges of this landmass. However, much of the continent remains an unexplored stretch of deserts and jungle, promising death to any who penetrate its borders.

Into Unknown Waters

No name exists for the vast stretch of hostile and dangerous water that extends away from the Isles. In recent years, the people of the Isles finally pulled together the technology, wherewithal, and courage to venture out into the water, where they found a power source that changed civilization: the whales.

Leviathans In The Deep

The strange tentacled beasts called whales in this world have rapidly become one of the most valuable and important commodities. The oil from these massive beasts is highly volatile and can be used to generate energy in ways never before seen. Multiple sets of fins and other oddities make the creatures look as much like something out of a Lovecraftian Cthulhu story as something from our own real-world seas. Like petroleum in our world, the blubber of the whales has innumerable uses, only increasing the need for more whales to be killed. What will come of such blatant and aggressive assaults on the natural world in order to fuel industry?

Heart of Industry

The hilly, cooler countryside of Gristol is covered in green forests and meadows, and houses the seat of the Isles government – an imperial control that rules from the capital of Dunwall. The grimy fingers of industry reach out across the Isles from here on Gristol. The Litany on the White Cliff occurred here, and was one of the important moments in history, during which the world’s foremost religion came into being.

From Hell's Heart I Stab At Thee

The new industrial surge being championed out of Dunwall is only possible thanks to the whales and the grizzled whalers who hunt them. Their vehicle is an unusual craft with a prow that extends and contracts from the ship to allow for bringing kills aboard. A hook pulls the dead whale up through a chute onto the deck of the ship, where it can be harvested for its bountiful supply of blubber.

Warmer Climes

The southernmost island is a warm and temperate region populated by olive-complexioned inhabitants that might not seem out of place in our world’s lands of Greece or Italy.

Learning and Innovation

The Academy of Natural Philosophy accepts the finest minds from across the Isles, like chemists, cosmologists, philosophers, and vivisectionists. The educational institution is the chief authority on what we would call science. As marked here, it also provides the cartographers behind maps like this one. Anton Sokolov heads the Academy. Beyond that, Sokolov acts as the royal physician, and is well known as a painter, drunkard, and reputed heretic.

Capital of the World

The massive city of Dunwall is the central setting for Dishonored’s storyline. Overwhelmed by a bitter and all-consuming plague, Dunwall is an unhappy and bleak place to live. If the murderous guards or plague don’t bring you down, the rats likely will.