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  • Halo Ringworld In Legos

    36 1

    Catsy [CC] spent three years constructing such a dream. It has been on display at the 2012 BrickCon, where it won “Best Large Planetary Structure" in the Space theme.

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  • Here's Some Cool Pokemon Art You Didn't Draw

    39 1

    How old would Ash be after he finally caught every single pokémon in the world? What would he do do celebrate? Would pikachu have to pick up a bartending job to help support him? All of these ideas are explored in this sweet piece of game inspired art.

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  • This Is What Happens When Gordon Meets Chell

    54 1
    It doesn't matter that Gordan Freeman's timeline doesn't quite match up with Chell's. The two share a common fictional universe, and that's more than enough to allow them to meet. I admit, I don't remember Chell's Portal gun... More

    Well I thought I'd keep the initialism secret for a while, but all you need to know is that i love video games and that the mascot's name is Leon. That should be enough clues for the clever among you. Also the type of animal he is should help... More
  • Ohio State University Marching Band Performs Impressive Video Game Medley

    138 1

    During last night's Ohio State versus Nebraska football game, the marching band performed an impressive medley featuring Pokémon, Mario, Tetris and more all with accompanying on-field patterns.

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  • Link's Shield Looks Great In Legos

    52 2

    This shield would probably shatter into a million Lego pieces if it were struck with a sword, but it still looks awesome.

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  • Mesmerizing Minimalist Shadow Of The Colossus Art

    34 1

    The talented James Gilleard has teamed up with OHNO!DOOM, a Chicago-based art gallery, to show off the Team Ico-inspired masterpieces.

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  • What If Pac-Man Battled Mario?

    56 1

    It's late, the kids are in bed. Why not watch a really strange gaming video? Maybe the kids aren't in bed. Let them watch too. Maybe you don't have kids. Whatever your kid situation, watch this video...or don't. You don't have to please us.

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  • Artist Imagines Lost As An '80s Point And Click Adventure Game


    Penney Design, a graphic design company in London, England, has created a series of images imagining the television show Lost as an '80s point and click adventure game.

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  • A Realistic Take On Street Fighter

    40 1

    Street Fighter is a fun fighting game, but anyone who's been in an actually street fight can tell you that it's nothing like the real thing. Check out this humorous take on what a realistic Street Fighter might look like.

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  • Star War's Hoth Battle Demade In Minecraft


    Making sweet pop culture recreations in Minecraft is nothing new, but that doesn't mean it's getting old. Check out what the Hoth battle from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back would look like if George Lucas had used Minecraft to create all his special effects.

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  • Claptrap Special Delivers Borderlands 2 To Lucky Fan

    60 1

    Reddit user kilod3lta posted a few photos of what has to be the best way to receive Borderlands 2 as a gift.

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