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  • CosBlog: SDCC Catchall


    Despite our best efforts, some stellar costumes slipped through the cracks in our daily posts from the San Diego Comic Con floor.

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  • CosBlog # 68: Birth by Sleep Tribute by Dark and Ven


    Not only are these costumes impressive on a technical level, but the moody and majestic photography puts this cosplay heads and shoulders above the competition. Major props to both Dark and Ven on their phenomenal Birth by Sleep tribute.


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  • CosBlog #94: Bioshock Infinite Tribute


    The ER Collective, comprised of veteran cosplayer Erick and Rose, teamed up with friend Alexander Albatross on this incredible Bioshock Infinite tribute. Months of research and careful planning resulted in stellar costumes with impeccable craftsmanship, easily worthy of cinema screen time.

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  • CosBlog # 63: Princess White Rose By Malro Doll


    You may remember Malro Doll from another recent CosBlog, when she stepped into the pantsuit of James for a memorable Team Rocket photoshoot. This time, the internationally-known cosplayer is back with one of her earlier ensembles.

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  • CosBlog # 83: Issac Clarke by Kevin Leab Thong


    I’m a big fan of intricate armor builds, and Kevin’s costume blew me away when I spotted it at GamesCom this past year. Even more impressive is that it marked his very first time cosplaying. I’d say you’re off to a great start, Kevin.

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  • CosBlog #20: Katt by Heidi Rogers

    This week veteran cosplayer Heidi Rogers proves that no costume is impossible to pull off with a lot of creativity and some crazy airbrushing skills. Enjoy her take on the acrobatic Katt from Breath of Fire II. Who: The Character Katt, from Breath of... More
  • CosBlog # 80: Anya Stroud by Pixel Kitty

    33 1

    Natalie – also known as Pixel Kitty – and I have a common bond in that we both were inspired to cosplay as Anya when we first set eyes on GI’s Gears of War 3 cover.

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  • CosBlog #78: Meru by Dessi Desu


    When I spotted Dessi Desu from across the hotel lobby at Katsucon – dressed as a character from one of my favorite RPGs – it was admiration at first sight. While it’s impossible not to marvel at the grandeur of Dragoon armor, I’m personally ecstatic to see Meru’s regular form brought to life.

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  • CosBlog #93: Mr. Freeze By Russell Pohl


    Russell Pohl’s Mr. Freeze costume is a great exercise in getting creative with found objects while on a short deadline. Whipped up in three days just prior to New York Comic Con, Russell got most of what he needed from sports equipment and local craft stores.

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  • CosBlog: SDCC Day 1


    As promised, we've got a full gallery of images straight from the floor of the annual San Diego Comic Con.

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  • CosBlog #46: Kai by Harajuku Ninja


    Kai – Heavenly Sword’s slightly unstable support character – is quite memorable thanks to her unique look.

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  • CosBlog #89: Gears Of War Brigade By Cos.n.Fx


    Cos.n.Fx's impressive projects warrant an update to a classic quote – the family that cosplays together, stays together.

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