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  • CosBlog: SDCC Day 1


    As promised, we've got a full gallery of images straight from the floor of the annual San Diego Comic Con.

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  • CosBlog # 84: Cassiopeia by Jerry Polence


    Every once in a while I look at a piece of character art and come to the conclusion that there isn’t a way to faithfully manifest it into reality. I thought Cassiopeia was a character that transcended into movie magic territory, but Jerry Polence and her cosplay crew proved me widely wrong.

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  • CosBlog # 82: Shining Blade by Enayla Cosplay


    Enayla’s elegant Shining Blade cosplay is – without question – one of the most intricate and awe-inspiring costumes I’ve ever come across. Her incredible attention to detail and resourcefulness also resulted in an impressively true-to-source interpretation of the early Guild Wars concept art.

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  • CosBlog #20: Katt by Heidi Rogers

    This week veteran cosplayer Heidi Rogers proves that no costume is impossible to pull off with a lot of creativity and some crazy airbrushing skills. Enjoy her take on the acrobatic Katt from Breath of Fire II. Who: The Character Katt, from Breath of... More
  • CosBlog #78: Meru by Dessi Desu


    When I spotted Dessi Desu from across the hotel lobby at Katsucon – dressed as a character from one of my favorite RPGs – it was admiration at first sight. While it’s impossible not to marvel at the grandeur of Dragoon armor, I’m personally ecstatic to see Meru’s regular form brought to life.

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  • CosBlog # 80: Anya Stroud by Pixel Kitty

    33 1

    Natalie – also known as Pixel Kitty – and I have a common bond in that we both were inspired to cosplay as Anya when we first set eyes on GI’s Gears of War 3 cover.

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  • CosBlog #92: Zelda By Rikku Grape


    Rikku Grape picked Princess Zelda not only because she’s a fan of the franchise, but also because she knew it would sharpen skills in the process. 

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  • CosBlog #46: Kai by Harajuku Ninja


    Kai – Heavenly Sword’s slightly unstable support character – is quite memorable thanks to her unique look.

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  • CosBlog #47: Sora By Rachel Chambers


    Cosplayer Rachel Chambers steps into the oversized shoes of Kingdom Hearts' Sora for CosBlog #47.

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  • Cosblog #64: Dissidia Jecht By Elffi


    I've heard time and time again (and know from personal experience) that cosplay can be a huge motivation to get in shape and improve your health. Cosplayer Elffi set his eye on Dissidia's Jecht and did just that.

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  • CosBlog # 83: Issac Clarke by Kevin Leab Thong


    I’m a big fan of intricate armor builds, and Kevin’s costume blew me away when I spotted it at GamesCom this past year. Even more impressive is that it marked his very first time cosplaying. I’d say you’re off to a great start, Kevin.

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  • CosBlog #54: Zevran Arainai By Love Squad


    Veteran Cosplayer Elena (Love Squad) has dozens of impressive costumes under her belt, including this tribute to Dragon Age Origins’ Zevran.

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