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  • CosBlog #45: Juri Han By Light Cosplay


    This week French cosplayer Light steps into the colorful ensemble of Super Street Fighter IV’s Juri Han.

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  • CosBlog #5: The Third Colossus by Isaac Jones

    23 2
    Fanboys (and girls) are a special breed in the gaming world. With their zealous enthusiasm they single-handedly have the ability to make or break games, breathe life back into flailing franchises and (if they use their powers for evil) start flame wars... More
  • CosBlog #35: Crimson Viper By PhoenixKasai


    Cosplayer PhoenixKasai takes on Street Fighter's Crimson Viper.

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  • CosBlog #53: Bonnie MacFarlane By Claire Hummel


    Bonnie MacFarlane made our list of The 30 Characters who Defined a Decade, and for good reason. Cosplayer and concept artist Claire Hummel obviously felt an affinity for the character, too, putting much effort into successfully recreating Bonnie’s western getup.

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  • CosBlog: SDCC Catchall


    Despite our best efforts, some stellar costumes slipped through the cracks in our daily posts from the San Diego Comic Con floor.

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  • CosBlog #90: Naked Snake By RBF Productions

    41 1

    Rick of RBF Productions proves that the devil is in the details when it comes to successful soldiers. Working with the limited color palettes and materials used by armed forces means accuracy is paramount to properly conveying Naked Snake.

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  • CosBlog #58: Circe By Kiwi5frog


    Cosplayer Tracy (Kiwi5Frog) braved the cold to shoot her tribute to DCUO’s Circe, preparing the costume in less than a week to make an upcoming deadline.

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  • CosBlog # 66: Sorceress Edea by Hopie Chan


    Sorceress Edea is not only one of my favorite characters in the video game realm, but one of my favorite character designs. That's why I was excited to stumble upon Hopie Chan's fantastic rendition of  Final Fantasy VIII's antagonist. Check out her gallery below!

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  • Cosblog #28: IchigoKitty as Rosalina

    25 1
    There have been several requests for cosplay from Nintendo’s most lucrative franchise, and we’ve finally found someone worthy of paying tribute to Mario’s Galaxy. Cosplayer IchigoKitty is known for her versatility when it comes character... More
  • CosBlog # 63: Princess White Rose By Malro Doll


    You may remember Malro Doll from another recent CosBlog, when she stepped into the pantsuit of James for a memorable Team Rocket photoshoot. This time, the internationally-known cosplayer is back with one of her earlier ensembles.

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  • CosBlog # 68: Birth by Sleep Tribute by Dark and Ven


    Not only are these costumes impressive on a technical level, but the moody and majestic photography puts this cosplay heads and shoulders above the competition. Major props to both Dark and Ven on their phenomenal Birth by Sleep tribute.


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  • CosBlog # 65: Lost Planet Tribute By Nebulaluben And Erikku-Kun

    23 1

    You may remember cosplayer Nebulauben from her fantastic Bayonetta recreation a while back. This time, the seasoned cosplayer has returned for a tribute to Capcom's Lost Planet, with partner Erikku-Kun by her side.

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