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  • CosBlog #88: She-Kratos By Lady Lemon Cosplay


    Lady Lemon Cosplay opted for a female version of the demigod Kratos, carefully contemplating how to make her mark on the design while retaining his brutal spirit. The risk, particularly in embracing a wild updo, paid off immensely.

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  • CosBlog #56: Team Rocket By R&R


    While the costumes are simple enough, Team Rocket’s wild hairstyles make them somewhat difficult characters to pull off. Not for Russian cosplayers R&R, though, who took the time to style each wig to perfection.

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  • CosBlog #48: Chloe Frazer By Jessica Steele Allen


    Looks can be deceiving. When it comes to “simple” or “closet cosplay,” most assume that a single shopping excursion to a retail chain is needed. In reality, costumes that appear simple can be deceptively difficult.

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  • CosBlog #71: Garnet By Geb Geb


    Final Fantasy IX’s animated art direction and stylized characters make it tough for cosplayers to accurately tackle. What attracted me to Geb Geb’s phenomenal Garnet costume is not only the craftsmanship, but the fact that she embodies the character with an uncanny resemblance – a perfect fit if I’ve ever seen one.

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  • CosBlog #21: Cammy White By Illiara

    This week's CosBlog sees one Street Fighter fan's take on Cammy White throughout her various costumes and iterations. I think it's safe to say that cosplayer Illiara has taken a notoriously hard character to pull off and succeeded in spades... More
  • CosBlog #51: Skull Kid By Phasers


    Cosplayer Phasers does a phenomenal job of living up to Skull Kid’s character design in authenticity and craftsmanship.

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  • CosBlog # 76: Flemeth by Amazon Mandy


    The devil is in the details when it comes to Dragon Age 2’s Flemeth, making Amazon Mandy’s complex wig styling, ornate crown, and elaborate bodice extremely impressive.

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  • CosBlog # 62: Guardian Force Siren By Etaru


    Final Fantasy VIII summon Siren is a franchise favorite of mine, so I was ecstatic to see such a fantastic interpretation of the guardian brought to life. Don’t let the simple design fool you though, Cosplayer Etaru took on an engineering job when designing Siren’s elegant headdress. Despite the difficulty, she passed with flying colors – and feathers.

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  • CosBlog # 72: Sophitia by Nadya


    Nadya’s Sophitia cosplay is a great example of how location and photography can complement a fantastic costume. The photos look as pitch-perfect as Nadya herself.

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  • CosBlog #41: Silent Hill Monstrosities By Shinka Studios


    Wanting to take on a challenge grotesque in nature, this trio of cosplayers opted to avoid common Silent Hill foes for more obscure enemies.

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  • CosBlog #90: Naked Snake By RBF Productions

    41 1

    Rick of RBF Productions proves that the devil is in the details when it comes to successful soldiers. Working with the limited color palettes and materials used by armed forces means accuracy is paramount to properly conveying Naked Snake.

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  • CosBlog #59: Seung Mina By Konoe


    Cosplayer Konoe is a fan of fighting games, and you can tell by the caliber of her work on Seung Mina’s SCIII costume (pun intended).

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