GameInformer - January 2010 - Issue 200
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Volume XIX * Number 12 * Issue 200
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  • The Greatest Game Of All Time; One Man's Power Dragon Fantasy

    23 3
    I get asked, “So, what’s your favorite game?” a lot. Often this question comes from one of my non-gamer friends or someone I’ve just met after they learn that I play video games for a living. I like to tell these people that my... More
  • Impulse: Madden NFL Arcade

    10 2
    By all accounts, this year’s Madden NFL 10 the strongest entry in the franchise for years. For more casual fans, or those who aren’t ready to shell out $60 for another installment of the yearly series, EA Sports has created Madden NFL Arcade... More
  • BioShock 2 Interview With Multiplayer Team Digital Extremes


    Game Informer had the opportunity to chat with Digital Extremes about the multiplayer component of BioShock 2. We sat down with lead designer Mathieu Berube, senior designer Alan Goode and 2K Marin senior producer Melissa Miller to talk new modes, multiplayer-exclusive plasmids and weapons, strategies and more.

    ... More
  • 31/31 Day 12: My 200th Blog, A Retrospective On How It Began And Where It Is Today.

    GIO tonight marks a record number I don't think I would have reached in this amount of time, I was never a daily blogger before this past month, and given my time on and my time off pattern of writing here, I honestly hadn't thought I'd see... More