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  • Lose Control with PokeMMO


    PokeMMO stole my heart and my precious time with the alpha version of something that may totally consume me. First of all, in order to play the game you'd need to obtain a rom of Pokemon FireRed legally. The creators do not provide an illegal copy... More
  • Should I write a review for an old game?

    Will it even be relevant? Are there people out there who haven't played it yet? Who cares about my opinions? Mehhh. I'm just going to do it anyways. Time to sort through my collection. More
  • Why I continue to play RE5

    In preparation for Resident Evil 6, my cousin and I have begun another raw run through of Resident Evil 5 in hopes of collecting every single trophy before its sequel releases next month. This will be our third run if you count our first and second endeavors... More