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  • Possible Return


    So, I've been missing this little bastion of fun for a long time. While Leviathyn has been an amazing experience and is continuing to be, I wanted to know if anybody wanted to see me post some of my Leviathyn work (With editor's approval of course... More
  • See Ya, Space Cowboy


    Its ironic. I expected my 200th blog to be less monumental than this. Maybe a Top 100 Best Games list. Maybe some large review of my favorite game of all time or something. No, what I have to announce dwarfs any plans I had. This might be my last blog... More
  • Saints Row IV Review: Commander in Chief

    Saints Row IV is a game that I really wish I played earlier. I had dismissed it for so long being just more Saints Row 3, so when I finally picked it up I was pleasantly surprised to see… More of Saints Row 3. But better. Saints Row IV has the... More
  • The Best Enemy AI in Gaming


    What makes a video game hard? Enemies that deal lots of damage? Bosses that can eat up damage like a sponge? Limited ammunition? Personally, I feel like the former are just cheap tricks to enhance difficulty. No, what makes a video game hard is the quality... More
  • Top 10 Chess Pieces in Gaming


    They said I couldn’t make a Top 10 this obscure and crazy. They were wrong. Pop quiz, what’s the most played strategy game of all time? That’s correct, none other than Chess. Chess is the go-to strategy game for nearly anybody on the... More
  • Top 5 Games of Q1 2014


    April 1st marks the official start of the second quarter of 2014. In anticipation of the games yet to come (And my annual January GOTY awards) I’m going to be looking back at the five best games that I played to release in the past 3 months. Now... More
  • Day 14 - Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Review: Sins of the Father

    So remember that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes impressions blog where I said I finished the first mission and thought the game would continue from there? Well boy do I look like an idiot now. It turns out that the lone mission was the only one in the... More
  • Day 13 - The Worst Metal Gear Solid Bosses


    While the Metal Gear Solid series has some undeniably brilliant boss fights, no series is without its missteps. Today I'm going to be looking at the worst Metal Gear Boss fights in no particular order, as they're all equally horrible. There will... More
  • Day 12 - The Metal Gear Solid Time-Periods I Want Explored

    The Metal Gear Solid timeline is filled with interesting plot points, from Snake's mission in Zanibar Land to Desperado's uprising, there are plenty of interesting key time periods. However, there are plenty of interesting moments in this extremely... More
  • Day 11 - Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Impressions

    Yes, Metal Gear March is not dead. With ten days left in March, I can fit in the eight final entries of this event. So, now onto the important details. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes released this tuesday to very mixed reviews. Everything from 8.5 to... More
  • One Finger Death Punch Review: I Know Kung Fu

    One Finger Death Punch feels like a paradox. It has all the marks of a boring flash game or iPhone app, featuring stick figures, buckets of gore, and an emphasis on flashy combat. However, One Finger Death Punch is being sold for 5 dollars, and it’s... More
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

    4 1

    When South Park the Stick of Truth was first announced, I couldn’t be happier. A spiritual successor to the Paper Mario series made by Obsidian, the developers of Fallout New Vegas? On top of that, it was all to be written by Trey Parker and Matt... More
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