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  • on 24 Feb 2015 10:08 AM
  • Just for fun: If you were a character in Codename S.T.E.A.M., what would you look like and what kind of weapon would you want? on 6 Mar 2015 9:11 AM
  • hey guys. sorry i havent been on in a while. school keeps me busy and im just lazy :P i have this art project im working on for a class and it kinda looks like my hero image but its not exactly like that. anyways when im done ill post it in my pics below and comment or not on it. on 3 Mar 2015 3:32 PM
  • Got a snow day due to inclement weather. Spent some time hunting fan art and doing CS homework.  My school put too much bacon on my cheeseburger. I tried calling a nearby Best Buy to see if they had Captain Falcon but gave up after I got put on hold for nearly an hour. I dunno If I'd even be willing to walk that far anyway. I'll get him in May. on 5 Mar 2015 2:15 PM
  • I just got my platinum trophy on Dragon Age II. DAI couldn't come fast enough if you ask me haha on 21 Oct 2014 6:29 PM
  • I've been feeling pretty good about videogames because I've been playing a ton of Resident Evil and whatever else I think looks cool (thats a notsosubtle f*ck you to whoever rides the AAA games Dick and leaves disappointed *cough The Order) but I ran across two for nerds youtube channels whose recent videos both referenced gamergate and it just bought me back to why I hate everything outside of videogames. I don't know much about this fabled "Tumblr" but that always comes up alot when people whine about women having it hard on the internet but this tumblr needs to take its whiny ass to therapy and f*ck right off. F*ck Tim Shaefer, Ashly Burch and Felicia Day.....I don't care much I wanna bang 2 of those people I just mentioned. on 5 Mar 2015 1:58 PM
  • Just got Hyrule Warriors and Guild Wars 2 for my Birthday!!! on 28 Sep 2014 7:03 AM
  • Darkest link was usupred. on 27 Feb 2015 3:55 PM
  • Ah, Civ V is still just as good since I last played it. on 3 Mar 2015 12:47 AM
  • I hate how much time Monster Hunter wastes. on 4 Mar 2015 10:17 PM
  • Have music people. on 3 Mar 2015 3:59 PM
  • I've been watching RahXephon, and marveling at its ability to make me feel so utterly in the dark. on 28 Feb 2015 10:07 PM
  • New blog post is up! on 14 Dec 2014 5:57 PM
  • The snow's pretty much gone by now, but I have the ACT in two days. I'm going to be cramming for that, so I'm going to have to extend my leave of absence. I'm going to come back though. After all, I've always come back before. Why wouldn't I come back this time? on 1 Mar 2015 3:56 AM
  • Y'all can *** off. on 29 Dec 2014 7:28 PM
  • Anyone stop by here anymore? on 8 Feb 2015 11:47 PM
  • I just heard of this anime called Euphoria, please don't look it up for the sake of your assumed innocence. on 27 Feb 2015 3:05 PM
  • meh on 27 Feb 2014 10:00 PM
  • Dragonball Xenoverse is fun, when it can connect to the servers. Glad it's the only Dragonball game I have since I'm sure I'd feel really bad having paid full price for it otherwise. on 4 Mar 2015 8:34 PM
  • Huh? I'm...I'm alive! Sweet life flows through my veins once again! Looks like I only need to be resuscitated every couple of months. Speaking of which: if you only had a week to play one last game, what'd it be? on 20 Nov 2014 11:43 PM
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