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  • Telltale's Batman Episode One Review: Behind the Mask

    Up to this point, Batman’s role in gaming could be described in two words: power fantasy. The sensation of controlling an unstoppable force of justice, stalking a colorful crew of supervillains and unleashing swift, brutal vengeance upon them -... More
  • Super Stardust Ultra Review: New Look, Same Great Taste

    One of the best things to come about during the last console generation was the renaissance of old-fashioned, arcadey score-chasers. The expansion of Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network inspired countless cheap, retro games that harken back to... More
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst Review: Just Keep Running

    When Mirror’s Edge released

    When Mirror’s Edge released in 2008, it seemed truly novel. In an era dominated by loud, macho, brown and grey shooters, DICE broke the mold with a colorful, minimalistic first-person free running game -- starring an Asian female protagonist, no... More
  • Oxenfree Review: Come Out, Wherever You Are

    Within seconds of beginning Oxenfree, I knew I was in for something special. As the pulsing, ambient soundtrack washed over me and the vibrant, painterly scenery came into view, along with “8 PM” plastered on the screen in a hand-scrawled... More
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review


    It's Been a Pleasure, Mr. Drake


    It's Been a Pleasure, Mr. Drake The unmatched feeling of a globetrotting adventure, the loveable cast of rogues, the sweeping, primitive orchestral soundtrack, the over-the-top summer blockbuster action -- Uncharted feels like home. For the past decade... More
  • Gears of War 4 Beta Impressions


    The Lancers are Coming


    The Lancers are Coming It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t touched a Gears of War game in around eight years. The Xbox 360 was a formative console in my early gaming life, and Marcus Fenix’s debut was a huge part of that. I have a lot... More
  • Quantum Break Review

    I can’t remember the last time I was so fully absorbed in a fictional world as I was with Remedy’s unique vision of a time travel mystery. The fleshed-out universe and lore on display make for a compelling adventure that works alongside the live-action show to form one awesome, cohesive narrative. Merging a traditional TV drama with an action game may sound ridiculous, but they pulled it off wonderfully, and the way both forms of entertainment weave together is nothing short of impressive. Even though the shooting is the least memorable aspect of this third-person shooter, it’s still plenty of fun, and the badass time powers put a nice spin on the usual cover-based bloodshed. After the finale, there are so many dangling narrative threads that are begging to be tugged, so many unanswered questions and so many potential paths that a future installment can take. I cannot wait to return to the deeply engrossing, masterfully constructed world of Quantum Break.

    If There’s a Future, We Want it Now Great time travel stories are not easy to pull off. By their very nature, they are often riddled with cliches, nonsensical leaps in logic, and cop-outs that drain any weight or meaning from the individual story... More
  • Nintendo's NeXt Step


    Link Trapped in Limbo?


    Link Trapped in Limbo? For the first time in what feels like forever, some brand new, official, hard, concrete, authentic information about Nintendo's next home console has been released. Speaking at an investor’s meeting recently, the company... More
  • WWE 2K16 Review

    After more than a decade of glitchy, archaic wrestling games made by Yukes, 2K is doing a respectable job of righting the ship and making a product that fans can get behind, while at the same time reaching the tremendous bar of quality seen in their other series. Unfortunately, this is not the year that they come out on top. The overhauled in-ring experience is a fantastic step in the right direction, but everything that frames it is becoming hard to grapple with. Much like sitting down and watching an episode of RAW, WWE 2K16 is like junk food: a fun, comfortable distraction that can be picked up and put down for a cheap good time, but sticking with it for too long exposes all of its fundamental, unforgivable issues.

    C+ Player After a fantastic, back and forth match, the Swiss Superman Cesaro managed to defeat Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam, and in their rematch the next month, he retained with a sneaky roll-up to cement his... More
  • DOOM Beta Impressions

    One Hellacious Throwback We are less than a month away from the return of DOOM, one of the most iconic and influential video game franchises in history, and to get the hype train rolling, an open beta was made available to players around the world this... More
  • Dying Light: The Following Review

    Dying Light: The Following is an example of downloadable content done right. It has everything that made the original game amazing in spades, but it doesn’t just add more missions and call it a day. The new environment could hardly be more different than the sprawling cityscape where Kyle Crane’s story began, and every single mechanic benefits from the setting. It completely flips the script and dares to do something different with the inclusion of the new buggy, which drastically changes the dynamic of moving through the world and adds a lot of new wrinkles. There is much less focus on the fast and fluid parkour that makes it stand out from every other sandbox title, but I didn’t mind because this feels like an entirely separate experience. New equipment and weapons strengthen the rock solid combat foundation, as do the ridiculously challenging enemies, and the catchy soundtrack and moments of levity lend it a real personality. Meanwhile, the intriguing story and strong finale totally erase the bad taste that the main campaign’s lackluster conclusion left in my mouth. Their incredible talent and unwavering support of Dying Light has made Techland one of the most likeable developers active today, and I cannot wait to see what more zombie-slaying madness they have in the pipeline.

    Brave New World Dying Light was one of my favorite games of 2015 thanks to its excellent combat, fluid parkour, a nd unforgiving difficulty. All of that returns in its meaty expansion The Following, but even so, having to readjust to its harsh environment... More