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  • Valve Wishes Us a Happy Halloween While Emptying Our Pockets...


    That my friends, is totally un-freaking believable.

    It's late. I'm tired. And I've been trying to finish not one but two college assignments. I'm up against a hard deadline and HAVE to have it done by tomorrow. But I'm done for the night and now it's time to knock out a blog. It's... More
  • Zombies, More Flavors than Baskin Robbins...


    Zombies, More Flavors than Baskin Robbins...

    I know zombies are a popular subject...even more so here lately...but With Halloween just a few days away, this blog just seemed to fit... Zombies, More Flavors than Baskin Robbins... A day or so ago in one of my other blogs, I mentioned my thoughts on... More
  • Halo: Reach - The After Action Report (Spoiler Free)...


    In a's freakin' awesome.

    In reality I could very well associate this blog to three or four others I've posted. From the one about favorite games (the first Halo is my favorite by the way) and Game of the Year candidates, to the ones about games with good endings and games... More
  • Member Herding Postponed and Saint's Dirty Little Secret...

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    The Reunion edition.

    Before my leave of absence, I hinted that I had a surprise for the 20th episode of Member Herding. Someone guessed that I would be interviewing a Game Informer staff member, which in reality, was a sensational guess...but unfortunately it was wrong. Actually... More
  • Game of the Year: Defining the Standards...


    This is somewhat of a continuation from yesterday's blog.

    This is somewhat of a continuation from yesterday's blog. I don't know about you, but my favorite time of year is fast approaching. The changing of the leaves and cooler weather? No, not that. Halloween? No, not that either. Thanksgiving? Well... More
  • Reviewing the Reviewers of the Reviews…

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    I wonder what the going rate for a 7.75 is?

    It's the little things in life that cause me amusement. Watching Planet's Funniest Animal videos and seeing a sleeping cat roll into an aquarium; pulling on a door to open it and then noticing the push sign; seeing someone fail their field sobriety... More
  • Medal of Honor: A (spoiler free) Military Perspective...


    I've read his review. I've read it several times actually...

    DISCLAIMER: While I am active duty, have made a trip to the sandbox and have seen and worked with some special forces units before, I am in no way, shape or form speaking on behalf of the military, especially those who do this in real life. I'm one... More
  • The Life of an Addicted Gamer...


    I choose to play because I want to...not because I need to.

    To those handful of you who recognized I've been missing in action the past week, thanks for your thoughts, prayers and concern. Hopefully after reading this somewhat of a philosophical blog, you'll have a better understanding of what led to my... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 19 of XX


    Welcome to the herd.

    The Member Herding blogs are some of my favorite blogs to publish. They tend to be fun and light hearted; and they're an opportunity to get to know members in the GIO community. I have to be honest, I wasn't really in the "fun and light hearted"... More
  • KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid. Why I’m in Love with Medal of Honor.


    There shouldn't be any spoilers...I hope. LOL.

    There shouldn't be any spoilers...I hope. LOL. A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I thought the Game of the Year was going to come down between a slug fest between Medal of Honor and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Well, Medal of Honor is on the street and... More
  • Socially (Un) Acceptable – Virtual Relationships Meet the Real World…


    "Oh! xinsaneox...I've played with you online!"

    If you play video games online, then there is a good chance you've established online relationships with fellow gamers that you enjoy playing with (or against). While this behavior might've once been seen as peculiar and mark you as a total geek... More
  • Wargames: Operation Countdown (MW2 Tourney) Sponsored by Countdown 321…



    The past 3 blogs have all tap-danced around the Wargames: Operation Countdown Modern Warfare 2 tournament we (wife - spectator; son and daughter - competitors) recently attended in Ohio...and so here it is...finally...the after action report. First, before... More