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  • Banned From GameStop For Not Being Mature…

    26 1

    But gets worse.

    So, I was all excited about tonight's festivities. It was my daughter's birthday (16) and also the night of the Halo: Reach tournament hosted by GameStop. The name of the tournament was "Melee by the Bay" and we found out about it last... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 16 of XX


    GIO Name: TOGNick

    Well, let's see. I got home from work tonight at 9:00 PM. It's now 11:00 PM. The blog is nearly done and all it is lacking is this intro piece and a few pictures. Normally, I would rattle on and on a bit before turning it over to the interview... More
  • New Episode of Big Bang Theory and other stuff...


    And last item up for bid...

    I had an extremely long and busy day today. I'm tired and grumpy and ready for bed. No gaming tonight and to be honest I'll be lucky if I get a blog pushed out tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Well, it is the Member Herding blog, and... More
  • The Hypocrisy of the Terminator…


    Did you catch that? Read it again. Do you see it now?

    My second blog about the ongoing "Mature" rated video game lawsuit debate and oddly enough I'm still not addressing the core of the problem, rather, I'm going to discuss some obscure perspective that examines the issue from a totally... More
  • Nintendo. Leave Luck to Heaven…



    I suppose it's only fitting to blog about Nintendo since the Tokyo Game Show just wrapped up. Actually though, the two stories have nothing to do with one another. I just happened to be reading my book "The Ultimate History of Video Games"... More
  • You Have The Right to Remain Silent; and the Right to Vote…



    I'm going to be honest...I haven't really paid much attention to the court case regarding mature rated games that the state of California has practically levied against the entire video game industry; a case that has now made it all the way to... More
  • Video Game News Ticker…What's Really Going On...



    Well, I haven't done one of these in a while, but I have several topics on my mind and none are "big" enough to carry a blog on their own but they're not "small" enough just to forget about and push to the side. So, this blog... More
  • Halo: Reach. An Early Evaluation…



    Short blog tonight. It's been a long week...I'm tired...and I'd like to go play. I've played Halo: Reach a time or two now. I'm not quite ready to write a review just yet, but I've played enough of it already to know that I like... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 15 of XX


    GIO Name: Happyginger

    Are you ready for this? Without a doubt the youngest Game Informer Online Member to be herded and perhaps the youngest member on all of Game Informer Online period...I was amazed to hear this person is only 13. Thirteen. One Three. That's enough to... More
  • MMOFPS. Where are they…


    But from what I was freakin' awesome.

    I'm going to tell on myself a little bit. Last night was the first time I ever saw Red Dead Redemption played online. I know I know. Shame on me. You have to understand though, my Xbox 360 is usually being used so the chance of me getting on it to... More
  • The Next Battlefield Is Based on 1s and 0s…



    This is kind of an oddball blog topic...especially with all the bigger news stories that are out there...I think I was just feeling a bit nostalgic. that title may be a bit misleading...because as you all know Battlefield is the name of a very... More
  • Halo: Reach – The Midnight Release…


    But for now...time for bed.

    As everyone or nearly everyone who has a pulse and calls themselves a gamer knows, tonight was the midnight release of Halo: Reach. I've been patiently waiting for this game ever since it was announced and I never doubted there would be a midnight... More