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  • Out of Order...



    Not sure if it's just me or not...I don't think it is because born4this is also reporting difficulties with the Game Informer website. To be honest, I've been having a ton of problems with the site lately which is odd, because I'm not... More
  • CONSUMER ALERT: DISH Network - And Why I'm Ready to Shift to Hulu...


    Oh, that's just our company policy.

    Technically not video game related...but an issue some of you might be interested in. I don't watch a lot of TV. I don't have time for it and frankly the quality and content is so substandard - why bother. Ever since 24 aired its last show, life... More
  • A League of Extraordinary Gamers…



    Let me preface this blog with a brief explanation how I came up with these ten categories of gamers.'s just an arbitrary number that I decided on. No, it's true. I picked it right out of the ethereal expanse (fancy word for - air...I picked... More
  • GIO Member Herding - The Reunion Part 1


    It's finally here! The first ever Member Herding Reunion blog. Yes, it's true. The Member Herding blog Part 20 is a tribute to former GIO Forum Members that have been previously spotlighted, all selected by various members of the GIO community. It's a great cast of characters, all very active and prominent figures within the GIO community (or at least the GIO blogging community). See how they respond to three questions tailored around their Member Herding status. A special thanks to TOGNick for originating the questions. Further validation that this is truly a community inspired and supported project - I always try to incorporate community feedback into each new episode. But enough rambling...let's get on with the questions already.

    It's finally here! The first ever Member Herding Reunion blog. Yes, it's true. The Member Herding blog Part 20 is a tribute to former GIO Forum Members that have been previously spotlighted, all selected by various members of the GIO community... More
  • World of Minecraft: Exploring the Might and Magic of the next big thing.



    Gamers. Just when you think you have us figured out...WHAM! Something happens and everything you thought you knew is debunked...turned upside down and inside out. Certainly this is true with this somewhat obscure title that has captivated the video game... More
  • The Old Republic: A New Hope (or A Dying Dynasty)...


    the galaxy.

    It is a dark time for the gamers. Although Lucasarts has been busy, Game Informer staffers have reviewed the Force Unleashed II from their office spaces and broadcasted it's mediocre score across the galaxy. Some may recognize this intro from the... More
  • Pull My Trigger. Or, the Moral Implications of Playing Video Games...


    Well, we're finally getting to the point of the blog.

    Before you dismiss this as just another blog about the looming Supreme Court case and Mature rated video games, I promise you it's not. Well, not really. Honestly, something I read in the Meagan VanBurkleo's article about Rush Limbaugh kind of... More
  • Surviving the Coming Week...



    This week kind of snuck up on me. Do you know what happens this week? Elections? Well, sure...yeah...I'll give you that. Way to put a damper on things. That's not quite what I had in mind though. Something else. My brother's birthday? Now... More
  • Valve Wishes Us a Happy Halloween While Emptying Our Pockets...


    That my friends, is totally un-freaking believable.

    It's late. I'm tired. And I've been trying to finish not one but two college assignments. I'm up against a hard deadline and HAVE to have it done by tomorrow. But I'm done for the night and now it's time to knock out a blog. It's... More
  • Zombies, More Flavors than Baskin Robbins...


    Zombies, More Flavors than Baskin Robbins...

    I know zombies are a popular subject...even more so here lately...but With Halloween just a few days away, this blog just seemed to fit... Zombies, More Flavors than Baskin Robbins... A day or so ago in one of my other blogs, I mentioned my thoughts on... More
  • Halo: Reach - The After Action Report (Spoiler Free)...


    In a's freakin' awesome.

    In reality I could very well associate this blog to three or four others I've posted. From the one about favorite games (the first Halo is my favorite by the way) and Game of the Year candidates, to the ones about games with good endings and games... More
  • Member Herding Postponed and Saint's Dirty Little Secret...

    31 1

    The Reunion edition.

    Before my leave of absence, I hinted that I had a surprise for the 20th episode of Member Herding. Someone guessed that I would be interviewing a Game Informer staff member, which in reality, was a sensational guess...but unfortunately it was wrong. Actually... More