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  • We Were Gamers…

    23 my version...

    In my somewhat typical fashion as I periodically do, I will take the title of some other form of media, be it book, movie or other artistic expression, and then I will transform it into a video game inspired version of the former entity. Let's see... More
  • Game Informer Mar 2011 (215) – Reviewing the World’s #1 Video Game Magazine…


    Well...the March 2011 episode is fantastic.

    I don't make a habit of blogging about the Game Informer magazine. I figure most of you already get it, read it, drool over it, memorize it, sleep with it, bathe with it...derp. Okay, maybe you don't quite go that far, but you get the point. From... More
  • From Player to Professional – My Quest to Work in the Video Game Industry Vol. 1…


    Ideally, this is what I plan to do.

    A few blogs ago I mentioned a new series I was going to start. Well here it is - From Player to Professional - My Quest to Work in the Video Game Industry Vol. 1. Hopefully after reading the blog you'll understand the whole concept and still find... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 32 of XX


    He's none other than...

    Well, its two days late, but better late than never. I have to be honest, I was kind of mean to this week's candidate. I sent him a message and said I want to herd you, if you're interested respond in five minutes to accept. This was the night... More
  • Stick Your Stars Where the Sun Don't Shine - Assessing the Blog Reader's Opinion...

    36 1

    The obvious dead giveaways are...

    This is my perspective on the issue. My fellow bloggers may agree or disagree. The inspiration for this blog came from an issue that occurred with last night's blog that garnered a whopping "one star" rating from one (or more) of my readers... More
  • Member Herding Missing in Action…


    Cheers. Good night.

    I'm a little behind with the Member Herding blog. The questions are created and the bonus questions have been provided by last week's member, but I'm a little late on the delivery to the person I selected this week. So, hopefully soon. In... More
  • From the DMZ - GIO Member on the Front Line…


    75 Days.

    75 Days. Do you know where you were 75 days ago? Do you know what you were doing? Maybe you were gearing up for the holidays. Perhaps you were counting down the days until Christmas. Chances are you don't even know. Just another day. Roughly 75 days... More
  • The Unofficial GIO Bloggers Hall of Fame PSA…


    A community supported endeavor.

    Well here it is...finally! This is the first official "Unofficial GIO Bloggers Hall of Fame" public service announcement. This announcement will provide some background information and a general overview of my vision for this new series that... More
  • Gamification – This Year’s Buzz Word…


    But Wikipedia defines it as,

    It's Valentine's Day and I had to work 3 hours late tonight. Not a good combination. Suffice it to say I'm going with one of my shorter topics this evening. Gamification. I'm sure I have heard of the word before but honestly until I wrote... More
  • Saint’s One Year Anniversary at Game Informer Online - TCB…

    26 2


    Honestly, I may be a week overdue. Does Game Informer Online tell you the date you joined? I'm just looking at the number of blogs I've posted and the first blog I posted and trying to do the math. Oh well, regardless...if I'm late, better... More
  • Buy Now or Play Later – Deciding When to Buy Your Game…



    I could tell you I am currently knee deep in Dead Space, but you might think, "Big whoop! I beat that game 2 years ago when it was released." I could tell you that Dead Space is a masterpiece with its beautifully crafted levels, intriguing characters... More
  • Integrity vs. Popularity: The Decay of the Blogging Community…



    Before I dive into this blog more than I already have with that title, let me make a few statements. If you're interested in this blog and want to respond, please read the entire blog before doing so. Nobody loves blogging at Game Informer more than... More