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  • GIO Member Herding Part 27 of XX


    I believe the question was...

    Greetings fellow denizens of Game Informer Online. To deliver on a promise I made yesterday about posting a real blog tonight, I present one of the real crowd pleasers - the latest episode of Member Herding. Please hold your applause until the end of... More
  • The Blog that Never Sleeps…

    12 1


    FINALLY. No...not finally Saint is going to post a real blog. Tomorrow. I promise. Finally...I'm caught up with some little items that I have been neglecting so I can focus on a real blog. I think as of right now...all the little outstanding items... More
  • Tidying Up Some Loose Ends…


    You know what they say about Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte...

    So, I've been at my temporary duty assignment for a few days now and you'd think I'd have all this free time on my hands to sit around playing video games and hammering out blogs galore, but alas, that couldn't be further from the truth... More
  • Art of the Kill: The Rise of the Trick Shot…


    Give it a day or two and I should be back on track.

    I wrote a blog a while ago (ah, if only I had a nickel every time I said that) discussing this nonsense about quick scopes, no scopes, hard scopes and all that noise. I guess I'm an old school gamer who's used to worrying about kills...not how... More
  • When Demos Succeed – Dead Space 2…


    Hold that thought for a minute.

    I am tired and cranky and somewhat bewildered that it took as long as it did to go from Virginia to where I am now. I think I could've jogged it quicker than what it took on the modern forms of transportation that I used today. I spent more time sitting... More
  • I'm Going on a Trip and I'm Bringing a (blank)...


    Here goes...

    Tomorrow I am departing on a work related trip to an undisclosed location to perform some sensitive duties. It might sound glamorous, but it isn't anything fancy; more administrative than anything. I can say that it isn't "haze gray and underway"... More
  • Ushering in a New Year: Saint’s Resolutions and Predictions…


    Okay. My turn. I'll limit mine to five predictions...

    In just a few hours, the East Coast will be ringing in the New Year. Honestly, of all the holidays that litter the calendar, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are not that widely celebrated in our home. I'm normally up at midnight (or well... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 26 of XX...


    GIO Name: Koob24

    The selection process for this week's edition of the Member Herding blog was simple enough - the first person who is already part of the herd that messaged me with a nomination would get the go ahead. It only took a day or two before someone was nominated... More
  • Quit Doing That or You’ll Go Blind…


    Oh well...lots of things in life aren't good for us I guess.

    While I was at work today I saw Nintendo's new 3DS making the front page news, and no, not at Game Informer. Some of us aren't lucky enough to get that kind of access at work (Dean, I'm looking at you and that Robot in the Corner, LOL)...which... More
  • All Work and No Play: Working in the Video Game Industry…


    Something to consider...

    Something to consider... But first...a DISCLAIMER : Don't read too much into this blog. I'm not suggesting some jobs are necessarily easier or harder than others and am not making light of what anyone does for a living. This is just my thoughts... More
  • Does Anyone Actually Watch G4…


    Wife: "Honey...what are you watching?"

    First I'd like to open with a, "I hope this isn't a taboo subject" because as far as I know...G4 and Gamestop (and by associate Game Informer) are not in any kind of partnership so this could be a bit of an objectionable blog since they... More
  • It’s A Trap…


    First up...

    I'm trying to be witty tonight by using the title of the new Family Guy movie that spoofs Return of the Jedi as my blog title, not just because this is the iconic catch phrase used by Admiral Ackbar in the original third installment of the Star Wars... More