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  • Ahoy Mateys, Land Ho!

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    Okay, well here is the blog I meant for yesterday but I had an uncanny feeling I needed to post my "Video Game Names OR Let's Name born4this's Baby" instead and as it turns out that feeling wasn't just gas because I got word Mr.... More
  • Video Game Names OR Let’s Name born4this’s Baby…

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    I also recently heard about one of the coolest names ever.

    Land Ho! I'm back from the deep blue sea. Well, it wasn't really blue. More of a brackish looking brown and bluish mixture, but it was deep. This is not the blog I had planned today as I originally wanted to post an update about my little week... More
  • What Makes a Game a Classic…



    A few of you might've already read this blog as it was posted in another spot, along with a few others. I'm not a big fan of farming blogs out to different locations but some of the blogs I've written, like this one, I really like so I wanted... More
  • Red Faction - When the Knock Off Does it Better…


    I played it for about a half hour today...

    A long long time ago in a galaxy far away I wrote a blog about originality being dead, but who really cares. The premise of the blog was something along the lines of - if we as gamers enjoy a certain type of game play or story line, then why should we... More
  • I’ll be Back…


    I'm leaving...but I'm coming back.

    I'm leaving...but I'm coming back. This time it's different. This time its work related. I'm at the tail end of my career, destined to ride a desk for the remainder of my contract before they put me out to pasture, but a unique opportunity... More
  • Portal 2 Reminds Me – There’s No I in Team but there is in Win…



    I never like to assume that anybody has read my blogs, so I'll preface this blog with - in yesterday's blog I talked about Portal 2 and the unique dynamic associated with the multiplayer component that is really unlike most other games currently... More
  • Portal 2 Reminds Me - When Less Is More...

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    It happens.

    When Portal 2 came out, I was a little late to the dance before I finally broke down and bought it. I was in the middle of playing a couple of other games that I desperately wanted to finish first. I don't know about you, but I have this habit (or... More
  • Game Informer Goes Digital, Now Where’s the App…

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    Keep up the great work!

    I posted a blog on July 19, 2010 titled "Game Informer Magazine Ranked 11th..." that talked about the popularity and success of the magazine. I also shared some of my own personal thoughts on the magazine and what I liked about it. One of the... More
  • (The Return of) GIO Member Herding Part 37 of XX...


    None other than...

    I know some of you are just as anxious to see the Member Herding series return as I am, but before I start I want to take a moment to recognize and remember a handful of our fellow Americans that perished in Afghanistan on Saturday. I heard and read about... More
  • Hats Off to Valve’s Brilliant Marketing Scheme…


    Just to give you an idea of a few of them...

    I wonder if the bean counters (aka accountants) at Valve ever take a break from counting all the money they're raking in to play any of the game's they're profiting off of, or if their idea of entertainment is to see how many zeros they can... More
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - The Little Game That Could…

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    Now for the specifics:

    I don't really play a lot of Xbox Live Arcade games. I tell myself the main reason why is I don't get a lot of time to play video games and when I do finally get the time, I want to play something with a little more substance. I also try and steer... More
  • Halo's Extreme Game Makeover



    I am what some might call a seasoned gamer. No, I take that back, I'm what some might call an old gamer...I might wish they called me a seasoned gamer. It sounds, well...less old. Anyway, I've played a game or two in my day, so for me to state... More