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  • I Am 8-Bit


    I Am 8-Bit

    It's been a fairly busy weekend for a number of reasons that honestly, most of you probably don't want to hear about anyway. I needed somewhat of a quick blog idea so I read a few headlines and flipped through my notes before finally looking around... More
  • How Big Of A Gamer Are You? Take The ABC Challenge…

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    The Video Game ABC Challenge. Starts. . . now.

    So, last night I listened to the Indie and Mojo podcast (which was awesome by the way) and the hosts were talking about the issue of writing and publishing blogs in various places as opposed to posting them exclusively at one place. I commented that my... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 38 of XX...


    Surprise! It's none other than the illustrious...

    Sometimes I feel bad for teasing people and having fun at their expense. This week's newest member was so excited about being selected for this feature (I think he said the suspense was killing him) he's messaged a few times inquiring about when... More
  • Battlefield 3 Developers Need To Get Their Hands Dirty…

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    Read the full article here.

    Civilians. Innocent bystanders. Non-combatants. Collateral damage. Casualties of war. Call them what you want, but the result is the same - they're the ones who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid the price. Whether you have blood on... More
  • Not Laboring on Labor Day…



    As you may know, today is Labor Day - a day that some of us get to enjoy at home free from the obligation of going to work. A day that some of us hopefully get to appreciate sitting around enjoying time with the family or the opportunity to play even... More
  • My Complaint With DLC…

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    Commander Shepard:

    Downloadable Content. DLC. It's a good thing, right? I mean, it's like an extension of the game you're already playing and if it's not free then it's usually cheaper than a whole new game. Its popularity has become so prevalent, it's... More
  • My Recommendation For A New Game Mode – Traitor…



    Some blogs are immediately dismissed and subsequently bashed because they are deemed too short; and while in nearly every instance I would agree with the critics that they don't fit the traditional expectation of a blog, it did cause me to wonder... More
  • A Time To Live And A Time To Die...

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    A time for everything...

    I suppose this blog was inspired by something I read a few days ago at Game Informer discussing Mass Effect 3 and Commander Shepard making a return after that. The article by Joe Juba titled, "Mass Effect Will Continue, But Shepard Won't"... More
  • My Journey to the (console with a) Dark Side...

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    ...then you might be a geek!

    In the days leading up to my birthday I was dodging close calls and reeling from the effects of a power outage spanning several days from the lovely Hurricane Irene. At the time I wasn't even thinking about my approaching birthday - I was more concerned... More
  • Jeepers Creepers – The Meme Of Minecraft…

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    To prove this point - welcome the Creeper.

    If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times; I am fascinated by the mind of a video gamer. We often think illogically, act irrationally and respond emotionally. Give us a few ingredients or components and we can solve practically any puzzle... More
  • Game Informer Online Achievements – An Introduction

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    A fair question.

    I'm going to open with a quick shout out because if you read nothing else then at least you'll hopefully read this part. What you're about to witness would not be possible without the creative genius of born4this who contributed to this project... More
  • Counterstrike: Global Offensive - The Good, Bad & Ugly...


    Is the world coming to an end?!?

    Is the world coming to an end?!? I return home from a week long underway and my eyes burn from the thick clouds of smoke filling the sky as the Great Dismal swamp continues to burn out of control; I experience the rare and unnerving tremors of a 5.8 earthquake... More