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  • Hats Off to Valve’s Brilliant Marketing Scheme…


    Just to give you an idea of a few of them...

    I wonder if the bean counters (aka accountants) at Valve ever take a break from counting all the money they're raking in to play any of the game's they're profiting off of, or if their idea of entertainment is to see how many zeros they can... More
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - The Little Game That Could…

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    Now for the specifics:

    I don't really play a lot of Xbox Live Arcade games. I tell myself the main reason why is I don't get a lot of time to play video games and when I do finally get the time, I want to play something with a little more substance. I also try and steer... More
  • Halo's Extreme Game Makeover



    I am what some might call a seasoned gamer. No, I take that back, I'm what some might call an old gamer...I might wish they called me a seasoned gamer. It sounds, well...less old. Anyway, I've played a game or two in my day, so for me to state... More
  • Video Game Sequels – The Power of Three


    True conversation I had a few days ago.

    True conversation I had a few days ago. Gamer 1: "Now that we beat all the achievements on Modern Warfare 2, what are we going to play?" Gamer 2: "I dunno. There are several games I'm waiting for." Gamer 1: "Really? What?"... More
  • Reason Number 39 Video Games Are Good For You



    I'm not really known around here for blogging about anything other than video games. It is a video game website after all, so I do try and tailor my blogs to relate to appropriately suited subject matter. Sometimes I'll stray a bit and blog about... More
  • Tekken on the Big Screen (or at least on the Little One)…

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    SEE Tekken?!?

    I'm at lunch today and receive the most unusual text message from home base. "Do you want to see Tekken?" SEE Tekken?!? You don't SEE Tekken, you PLAY Tekken. Thoroughly confused, I called home to inquire about the nature of the mysterious... More
  • Is Apple the Future of Gaming...


    Hardcore gamers require hardcore gaming machines.

    The economy is in the slumps. All of us, or at least a bunch of us, are feeling it. Obviously we hope it gets better and statistics would suggest that over time it will, but for now our economical situation is not the greatest it's ever been. I don't... More
  • PSA: Be Careful What You Ask For

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    1. Why did you leave?

    I'm going to take a break from posting a regular blog tonight to make this Public Service Announcement. Initially, I was kind of hoping to return kind of like I left and just quietly let myself in without anyone noticing. I really didn't want... More
  • Absurd Approaches to Acquiring Achievements



    Today's episode of Saint's blog is brought to you by the letter A and the number 8. Achievements. I've blogged about them before. Several times actually. I've blogged about my favorite ones that really convey a sense of accomplishment... More
  • The Rise and Fall (and Revival) of the PC Gaming Rig


    2010s - Back in Black

    If you hang out anywhere where you are exposed to video game industry news, then you might have heard headlines along the lines of, "PC Gaming is dead." Well, this is not a blog about that. I've been a gamer a long time and started out on... More
  • Pieces of Eight

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    Well, I'm no fool.

    Game Informer is ranked the 7 th most circulated magazine in the United States, so when the Editor in Chief of said magazine praises your contributions and rewards you with special recognition, you'd be a fool not to acknowledge those observations... More
  • Harmonix’s Gain is Game Informer’s Loss


    Why do you dislike pants?

    When I stepped away from blogging at Game Informer, I told myself there were only a few circumstances I could think of where I would come back and blog. And while this isn't a blog as much as it is a public good bye letter to a special person who... More