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  • Uncharted: Better Late Than Never...


    I finished Uncharted: Drake's Fortune tonight.

    I finished Uncharted: Drake's Fortune tonight. Everything I'm about to say, most of you probably already knew and experienced four years ago when the game was originally released. The game, which released in North America on November 16, 2007... More
  • Two Kinds Of Gamers - Opening New Games…

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    But what about you? How do you open your games?

    It's been a while since I busted out one of my "Two Kinds of Gamers" blogs...but it's been a busy day, I'm kind of tired, ready to play and need a shorter blog topic for the night. First off, I'll say I was out shopping today... More
  • Best Buy Might Not Be The Best Buy...

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    Best Buy might not be the best buy, but I suppose there are a few things they do right that I appreciate. And really, I don't mean to hate on them. I visit their stores, but it's more like a trip to the museum or the petting zoo. I go to Best... More
  • Gears Of War 3 In 60 Minutes Or Less…



    First order of business - this should be a spoiler free discussion, but if you plan to play Gears of War 3 and you want to experience all the glamour and glory on your own without hearing anyone else's thoughts, then you might want to skip this blog... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 39 of XX...


    GIO Name: indiejones

    There is a misconception among some viewers that the Member Herding feature is an elite group reserved for the best bloggers at Game Informer. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth, although a number of them have been featured. No, the truth... More
  • Calling All Gamers…

    See you on the battlefield.

    I normally would not borrow, plagiarize or otherwise copy someone else's work. I certainly wouldn't just cut and paste their blog into my own. But tonight I realize there are exceptions to the rule when it's for a good cause and this is certainly... More
  • Getting To Know The Game Informer Community…

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    Apozem's occupation is listed as feral writer.

    Don't ask me why or how I came up with this blog (I actually know but can't really tell you yet) but yes, there are people out there who read your Game Informer profile. I know there is at least one, me. So you, you know who you are, that has... More
  • Comic Con: The Book...


    Make that two books to add to my list of books to get. Sigh.

    Well, traffic around the site has been slow. Hopefully that means everybody is enjoying their time off and playing games. I know I've had a pretty good day of goofing off and being lazy. I've played some Uncharted on PS3; some Left for Dead on... More
  • REPLAY: Step One: Admit You Have a Problem…

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    Two Birds, One Stone.

    Two Birds, One Stone. That's what I'm resulting to tonight. My good friend and loyal GI community member Jon Keyes personally requested I continue my REPLAY series where I repost a blog from the past and provide some updated comments. AND... I'm... More
  • Learning Not To Doubt Nintendo...

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    I doubted Nintendo.

    I don't want to paint this doom and gloom story of how poor I was growing up, but the truth is my mom and dad divorced when I was pretty young and my mom had to work some long hours and horrible jobs to make ends meet. She worked hard to provide for... More
  • Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Gamer…


    Why in the world would we want that?

    I read an interesting blog by a Game Informer community member and fellow blogger this evening that really got me thinking and definitely was the genesis for this blog. The blog was posted by o_JMan240_o and titled, Getting Better From Here . It's... More
  • Gears of War – All Good Things Come To An End…


    The books, the's all coming to an end.

    Gears of War has certainly been the focus of a number of blogs lately and while the common theme seems to revolve around what unanswered questions will be addressed in the final episode, I'm going to tackle a little bit of a different issue. This... More