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  • Half-Life: Decay (Chapter One)...

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    SOURCE: Half Life Wiki

    Welcome to another round of my play through of the Half-Life games. Last week I finished Blue Shift and this week starts a Half-Life game that I have never played before and only found out about a few months ago (I discovered it after starting this feature... More
  • Nobody Is Playing That Game Anymore (But What The Numbers Really Tell Us)…

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    I suppose that's what inspired this blog.

    As a gamer, if you believe everything you see or hear or read on the Internet...well, you would accept Call of Duty is either the best or worst game in the history of gaming, the Xbox One and Playstation Four are the best and worst consoles ever made... More
  • Internal Server Error – Read (PSA For The GIO Bloggers)…

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    If you read the blogs every day you might've noticed an influx of new bloggers publishing their content here at Game Informer Online. This was highlighted in today's episode of Blog Herding where we witnessed several bloggers featured for the... More
  • Don’t Hate The Game, Hate The Change To The Game…

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    We notice the difference!

    Think about your favorite game and what makes it your favorite game? Is it the story or the characters? Maybe it's the setting or could even be the developers who made it. Hey, I love Valve and play everything they publish, so I definitely could relate... More
  • One Hit Wonders - The Art Of The Melee Kill…

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    ...ever since?

    The other night I was playing an online shooter with my son. It was his turn at the controller and he had a pretty good streak going right up until he took a boot to the face. He moaned and groaned about how a boot to the face shouldn't be a one hit... More
  • Is A Photo Mode Becoming A Standard Feature In Gaming…

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    Shadow of Mordor

    Have you ever bought a car? A new car, a used car...doesn't really matter. If you have, chances are you either read about the features or you had a pesky salesman (not all are pesky - but, I always seem to get the ones that are) tell you all about... More
  • 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die – Number 81…

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    Another Sunday means another episode of 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, the (hopefully) weekly series where I play through all of the games listed in the book - 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. If I played the game before... More
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift (Chapter 7 And 8)…

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    Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Last week I finished the sixth chapter of Half-Life: Blue Shift and knowing there were only two chapters left, I was thrilled knowing I was getting close to finishing the game. I was also eager to play more of the game after last week because of some... More
  • Have A Plan To Kill Every Video Game Character You Meet…

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    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    One of the biggest joys I get out of blogging (besides interacting with those of you who read and comment on them) is thinking of new ideas for more blogs. You might've recognized a link between many of my blogs - sometimes it's subtle and sometimes... More
  • Can Somebody Please Tell Me What Generation It Is…

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    What generation is it?

    So, have you ever been sitting in a classroom or maybe a work meeting and the teacher or the person chairing the meeting asks if there are any questions or if everybody understands what's going on? And you kind of look around waiting to see how everybody... More
  • Fight Or Flight – How Shadow Of Mordor Changed My Views On Fighting...

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    I wanted to talk about...

    Last week or so I posted a blog about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It was really just an introduction to the game since I'm only about 15 or 20 hours in and have only finished about 15% of the campaign. I admitted the game was easily one of my... More
  • Thanks AMC And The Walking Dead, Now I Want A New Zombie Game…

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    Did you catch the season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC the other night? Hard to believe this is the fifth season already. And if the opening episode - No Sanctuary - accomplished anything, it's that this season is going to be every bit as graphic... More