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[b]I Mainly play on PlayStation Network (PSN: PS4/VITA/PS3) and Steam (PC). I am a very Dedicated Trophy/Achievement Hunter and usually play all games to 100% completion (DLCs too).[/b]  Game/Genre wise I enjoy almost anything that is Good. I like keeping in touch with my gaming friends and playing lots of co-op. I am not a big fan of multi-player, but it really depends on the game.  [b]Gaming Accounts & my Trophy/Achievement Leaderboard Rank (if applicable)[/b]  PSN: [][b]I am Usually One of "The Top 5 Worldwide" in the "Most PSN Trophies/Achievements" (have been the #1 before):[/b][/URL] [][IMG][/IMG][/URL]  [b]2nd PSN:[/b] [][IMG][/IMG][/URL]  [b]3rd PSN:[/b] [][IMG][/IMG][/URL]  [][b]Steam(PC): Ranked #1 - "Number 1 in the World (by a far lead) in Achievements" It is very likely that "no one will ever pass me", because I currently have twice the amount of Achievements as the player ranked #2:[/b][/URL] [URL][/URL]  [][IMG][/IMG][/URL]   [b]Other Gaming Accounts w/o Trophies/Achievements - OR I do not give a damn about those Leaderboards:[/b]  Xbox Live: TheGerman5113    (only used for games exclusive to Xbox, such as Gears of War, Halo etc.) Battle.NET: TheGerman#1738  (Mainly play Diablo III and the Expansion Reaper of Souls) Ubisoft UPlay: Deadmeat111 EA Origin: TheGerman5112  Feel free to add me on any of the above. I ignore random/blank friend requests, so please be sure to let me know how you found me and why you are requesting to add me. on 9 Apr 2014 5:53 AM
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