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  • I got a gg message after a Halo 4 round. *wipes tear from eye* There's hope for the online community yet. on 21 Apr 2014 5:50 PM
  • That was fun. I was playing a game on the D-Day map, playing as the team set up spread around the map, at the flanks and front of the beachhead. The other team has the advantage of being together, where they can easily support each other, and my team had the advantage of... I'm not really sure what our advantage was. In a very different version of history, France, Russia, and Germany fought to stop an American, English, and other American army fighting their way out of Normandy. I tried to bottle up the Americans on the left flank, playing as France with their high quality anti tank guns, bunkers, and artillery. After a prolonged battle, he crossed the bridge with a force of heavy tanks, attacking my defenses head on. When he looked poised to break through, he lost his nerve and retreated. Had he continued and not done something stupid, he would've lost most of his tanks, but destroyed my forward base and the threat of my artillery bombarding his bases. After he retreated, the battle on the left flank was as good as lost. I continually weakened them with artillery bombardment, and that left them weak in the center, where Russians tanks rolled through and cut them in half. The thing I  find funny about this is that while the other armies were all using advanced tech, I fought the whole time with nothing but 1939 units. 1939 French units, and strangely enough I've found that I like playing as France. on 23 Apr 2014 3:15 PM
  • Well, hello there. on 5 Oct 2013 2:00 PM
  • I'm glad I got back into Borderlands 2. I forgot how much fun this game can be. on 21 Apr 2014 6:26 PM
  • "This is our routine, day and night, all we do is survive. It never lets up. He tells me how these streets were crowded with people just going about their lives. Must've been nice." on 29 Oct 2012 8:22 PM
  • Hi , friends .. What's up ? on 10 Oct 2012 8:02 AM
  • at realms con! on 13 Oct 2012 1:12 AM
  • Eventually I'll get to a The Last of Us review, there are some things in the early cut scenes I would like to critique. on 19 Jul 2013 7:44 PM
  • Everyone will be happy to know that I just finished Black Mesa Source. on 20 Apr 2014 12:16 AM
  • Sleeping Dogs is great! on 1 Sep 2012 5:14 PM
  • Im back! time to do more blogs! on 15 Sep 2013 5:42 AM
  • Watching The Elephant Man. I'm really liking it so far. Anthony Hopkins is great! on 22 Apr 2014 3:01 PM
  • I'm 80% sure I saw 50 Cent at Wal Mart today. It could have been a microwave, but I'm pretty sure it was him. on 15 Jan 2014 5:57 PM
  • Living it up in DC right now. When I get back plan on finishing my second dark souls playthrough in preparation for the sequel. Can't wait! on 8 Mar 2014 3:14 PM
  • 4th in the Word to fully complete State of Decay. That game loved to drag its feet on 6 Jun 2013 10:51 AM
  • Going to college soon so I'm starting to get used to not playing console games and playing PC games. on 11 May 2013 10:02 PM
  • Sometimes I am amazed by how ignorant people can be here. on 2 Dec 2013 12:53 PM
  • I really hope the rumors about a Titanfall beta are true! on 27 Jan 2014 9:27 AM
  • Well today is Easter. A great time to spend some time with family and watch some basketball. So here's a link to a new blog:, go Miami Heat, and Happy Easter everyone! 🐰 on 20 Apr 2014 8:34 AM
  • Something, Something, Something, Ellie Goulding... on 16 Apr 2014 1:52 AM
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