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  • I had one of those weird days yesterday. I had nothing to do and I didn't want to play any video games so I said, "Screw my knee" and went out for a walk in the city. While there, I ran into my old history teacher from high school. One of the few teachers I didn't mind. Chatted for a bit. Then I ran into my foster mom's sister who I haven't seen in a while. She doesn't think too high of me; no one in her family is very nice which is why I stay away from them. She awkwardly forced out a 5 minute conversation as she was trying to be polite. Then, I ended up crossing paths with some guy who I liked in high school. Kind of lost touch with him almost 2 years ago. We talked for a few hours, and I guess he is graduating college this year which made me think, "Damn are we really that old?!!!" At the end of the day I then remembered what it was like to have a normal face to face conversation with someone who isn't crazy. Then I went home, ate some celery and passed out in my living room. on 20 Oct 2014 11:28 AM
  • Halfway through Season Two of The Office. Funniest show ever! on 6 Oct 2014 9:17 PM
  • Shadow of Mordor platnium complete. on 18 Oct 2014 7:44 PM
  • EVIL WITHIN HYPE on 16 Oct 2014 9:40 PM
  • -- my latest entry in the Still Alive! series is up! on 20 Oct 2014 12:02 PM
  • Sorry for the really long hiatus.  I've been thinking about doing things.  I've just been really busy with schoolwork and other things.  This year, I'm taking my first AP class in high school, and it's been hard.  What's been happening with all of you people? on 27 Sep 2014 11:13 AM
  • Things and stuff and stuff and things on 17 Jun 2014 4:57 PM
  • Man I haven't updated this in forever. on 6 Oct 2014 6:07 PM
  • I just found out there's a program here that lets me do my schoolwork at my own pace, online. So, I'll have graduated high school within 6-12 months. on 18 Oct 2014 12:55 PM
  • sup on 14 May 2014 4:33 PM
  • Hey! Join The Walking Dead Group Here!: on 6 Nov 2012 4:48 PM
  • "Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”  -Bruce Lee on 2 Oct 2014 9:28 PM
  • Virtuous Dusk. on 26 Sep 2014 11:19 AM
  • Sad: What was your favorite Robin Williams movie? on 11 Aug 2014 7:35 PM
  • hollow children are everywhere on 15 Jan 2014 10:13 PM
  • Okay. I'm back. What's up? on 19 Oct 2014 8:58 PM
  • meh on 27 Feb 2014 10:00 PM
  • "A rating does not make a blog." on 26 Nov 2013 7:46 AM
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