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  • Sooo... this evening started well enough. I decided to grab a 2 dollar ticket and won 200 from it. Not long after some drunk walks into the store and starts eyeing up and down. Starts claiming he owns this country.and I should know my place. So I ignore him, he shoves me into a stack of candy boxes. I apologize to the store owner and start picking things up. He tells me to get out of the store, I told him to make me. He starts huffing and puffing and tries to push me again but I was ready. I grabbed one of his twig like arms and toss him across the counter and then pin him to the floor with my knee on his neck. I tell him to calm down and slowly back off. He starts sizing me up again but the store owner interjects telling him to leave before he calls the police. Dude keeps making physical threats at me as he steps out and a few moments later I can hear another fight break out. Clearly this other opponent wasn't restraining himself. Eventually the cops came around and hauled the drunk into the car and drive off. On the way back I almost got run over by some dumb girl too busy on her phone... twice. After sticking to the alley and back roads I made it back to my place where I can finally unwind. I am not really sure what to make of this day.... on 30 Aug 2016 10:17 PM
  • Trophy level 20 as of 8/10/16! on 18 Aug 2016 12:37 AM
  • Hello world of Game Informer! on 18 Mar 2015 10:34 PM
  • I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on my website. Come visit! on 11 Jun 2016 5:44 AM
  • This is for everybody who I know here at GI: I love y'all, and thank you so much for the kindess and pure generosity through out the years. Y'all are the greatest and are truly some of my closest friends. Please stay strong in life. -Lucas on 12 Jun 2016 3:02 AM
  • I'm back! Star Wars Battlefront review coming this weekend. on 26 Nov 2015 9:38 AM
  • I got bad news guys.... on 29 Aug 2016 6:03 PM
  • I made a quick little Rainbow Six Siege glitch video on Youtube. It's nothing special, but it'd be awesome if you'd check it out and maybe subscribe. Link below :) on 22 Jul 2016 5:58 PM
  • That I got POTG for this was awesome. on 22 Aug 2016 11:24 AM
  • i swear that i'm dying, slowly but it's happening on 29 Jul 2016 9:13 PM
  • Okay, well, if GIO blogging won't work, time to look again at Tumblr... on 30 May 2016 11:48 PM
  • Well, good people of GIO, I have a new blog post up today.  It's a different and short read.  Hope you enjoy it! on 9 Aug 2016 3:39 PM
  • Things and stuff and stuff and things on 17 Jun 2014 4:57 PM
  • Newest blog post, in honor of David Bowie, is up. on 13 Jan 2016 11:07 PM
  • RIP GI, from the looks of it. on 18 Feb 2016 5:50 PM
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