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  • I am really sorry if I am gone for several days at a time; I roller skate twice a week and it takes a lot out of me and requires a good day to recover from. on 11 Aug 2014 10:01 PM
  • This could be the leak guys! on 20 Aug 2014 7:48 AM
  • The weather did a 180 and went from being sunny to stormy. That was literally in just a few minutes. on 27 Jul 2014 6:16 PM
  • Is it sad that I just got StarCraft II? on 6 Aug 2014 1:13 PM
  • Finished Professor Layton and The Curious Village, and am really excited to get the next one. on 18 Aug 2014 12:20 PM
  • I decided to start blue exorcist. Hopefully the anime can live up to it's opening. on 20 Aug 2014 10:42 PM
  • New blog post is up, finally! on 1 May 2014 11:27 AM
  • For anyone who feels like the industry is rich with problems or anyone who feels as if they are not interested in any games right now, please start a conversation with me.  I'm trying to do some research for an upcoming blog. on 18 Aug 2014 8:34 PM
  • "If you don't read the news you are uninformed, if you do read the news, you are misinformed."-Mark Twain....I think on 20 Aug 2014 9:25 AM
  • Woohoo World Cup time!!! Go USA, Mexico, and Spain!!! on 17 Jun 2014 9:21 AM
  • Man, I really should get back home. I'm just mooching off of wifi hotspots. It's like I'm only there to shower. Other than that, I'm never there. Doesn't help that I have zero desire to play any video games either. on 19 Aug 2014 6:33 PM
  • Game recommendation time! For my first recommendation I have the game Catherine. This is probably one of the biggest surprises I've ever experienced. Normally I don't really like puzzle games, I really don't, but I fell in love with this game. It's challenging gameplay becomes so addictive and fun. So if you have never played this game I recommend you giving it a try, it's worth it. on 21 Jul 2014 5:03 PM
  • What is your favorite video game soundtrack? INCLUDE A LINK AND EXPLAIN WHY! on 7 Mar 2014 10:46 AM
  • Current mood: on 19 Aug 2014 10:54 PM
  • Sad: What was your favorite Robin Williams movie? on 11 Aug 2014 7:35 PM
  • Rebecca SugarSugar (Ex-Writer of Adventure Time, Creator of Steven Universe) never answered my AMA. I was like the tenth person on that damn thing! Hmph. So much for getting to talk to your inspirations, eh? I don't need her. I'll do my own AMA. Ask me anything! on 21 Aug 2014 4:03 AM
  • Sunny today. on 20 Aug 2014 3:22 PM
  • Watching Gargantia. It's a pretty good anime with a feel good feel. Puts the viewer in a good mood. on 16 Aug 2014 7:49 PM
  • Becoming the strongest version of myself. on 29 Jul 2014 10:42 AM
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