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  • You words no longer crawl through my skull. You no longer have control of me. You never did. And you come in search of the Jedi. They are all DEAD! on 13 Dec 2014 3:58 PM
  • Looks like physical rewards are starting to make a comeback to Club Ninty.  Their best reward to date, an 18 3DS card game case, has returned along with some other decent offerings.  I'd go get 'em while you can.  It's only a matter of time until they only offer disappointing downloadable games again. on 23 Dec 2014 4:08 PM
  • this is a really good band. they arent really famous but they have really good music if ur into hardcore. on 22 Dec 2014 4:09 PM
  • Beat Demons Souls....goin back for my 3rd playthrough of Dark Souls II on 5 Sep 2014 4:45 PM
  • Waiting for Evil Within and watching The Boondocks on 24 Jul 2014 11:37 PM
  • Do any of you have gaming plans over Christmas? Since I won't have any time to play anything on Christmas day, I'll be gaming all of the 24th. I'll mostly be playing Xenoblade cause I reallllly have to finish that darn game.... on 23 Dec 2014 1:49 PM
  • I have a new blog up!  I hope you all enjoy!  Merry Christmas!  :D on 6 Dec 2014 1:09 PM
  • One more trophy until the Persona 4 Platnuim! on 5 Jul 2014 8:05 PM
  • Merry Christmas! on 24 Dec 2014 6:08 PM
  • Returning to this place after so long is bringing tears to my eyes on 18 Nov 2014 12:28 AM
  • I'm currently going through an obsession with id Software first-person shooters. I haven't played their classics in a long time. on 20 Dec 2014 4:48 PM
  • Struggling to find time to play games right now, between classes and two part-time jobs. on 7 Oct 2014 12:09 PM
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