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  • God Bless you Legend of Korra. One step closer to equality. on 26 Dec 2014 3:59 PM
  • I got a tablet! I feel modern at last! And I got a really nice leather jacket! I feel cool at last! And I got Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley, it's really good. on 26 Dec 2014 11:59 AM
  • Much Ado About Nothing adapted by Joss Whedon was quite good,  I recommend it for fans of shakespeare or for people who like more artistic movies. on 29 Dec 2014 12:11 AM
  • I really need to learn to start saving games. on 25 Dec 2014 11:22 PM
  • I'. gonna grill this trout just like a boy scout, we say fish fillets and bacon strips. on 3 Jul 2013 10:17 AM
  • You can thank Afriendofurs for this TQ! TQ: What’s your favorite anime opening? And if you don’t watch anime then what’s your favorite television show opening? And if you don’t watch that either… then… then…. SHAME! SHAME ON YOU! Afriend just wanted to know the first question but I added the rest. Lol My Answer: I was gonna say classic Yu-gi-oh anime has some of my favorite anime openings BUT I recently started watching a certain special anime called Tokyo Ghoul and my favorite anime instantly became Tokyo Ghoul. The anime is such a freaking emotional rollercoaster filled with tense drama that I started watching Desert Punk just to get a few laughs. Turns out, I’m becoming a huge fan of Desert Punk too! I’m watching Tokyo Ghoul in Japanese with English subtitles because the voice actors and actresses have so much emotion in their voices. I’m watching Desert Punk with English voice acting because its actually funny and enjoyable for me with English voices! on 29 Dec 2014 12:05 AM
  • What'd you guys get? Notable items for me are Diable III Ultimate Evil Edition, a bluetooth headset, frog legs (from my dog), Kirby and Luigi Amiibos, and a coffee maker! I'm also using a gift card to buy Tomadachi Life. I'm gonna make Miis of you all to play god with your lives. So, uh... Gimme your birthdays! I'll be leaving for New York for the weekend so I'll talk to y'all when I get back. Also, I'm gonna tell you guys something important on New Years. Something that I've been meaning to tell you guys for awhile now, but just... Didn't. It's about me... So just visit my page then please. Cpu over and out. on 25 Dec 2014 9:20 PM
  • The only thing I can do while waiting for christmas, is play SMASH!!!!!!!! on 24 Dec 2014 5:19 AM
  • on 25 Dec 2014 11:41 AM
  • Making another song on 11 Oct 2014 10:13 PM
  • Band members will be the death of me but I'm okay with it on 17 Sep 2014 10:26 PM
  • Merry Christmas. on 24 Dec 2014 11:02 PM
  • After being in a smoker's house for about two ours yesterday, it has really made me feel crappy. I woke up with a sore throat and a pounding headache... on 28 Dec 2014 9:57 AM
  • I found this sweet group called Das Racist, and they are so great, dude. on 26 Aug 2014 4:29 PM
  • I'm 80% sure I saw 50 Cent at Wal Mart today. It could have been a microwave, but I'm pretty sure it was him. on 15 Jan 2014 5:57 PM
  • Playing through three games at once. Usually I prefer to play one game at a time, but my backlog is large! I need to stop going to thrift stores.... on 28 Dec 2014 7:59 PM
  • Shadow Of Mordor is SO freakin' addicting! on 28 Dec 2014 4:27 PM
  • Christmas. Have a Merry one! on 25 Dec 2014 12:52 AM
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