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  • E-Pals: Metro on 29 Nov 2014 7:11 PM
  • Hope you finish the year on a high note, and have an epic start to 2015! on 22 Dec 2014 11:25 PM
  • Placeholder on 7 Mar 2013 12:11 PM
  • mlb the show 11 is the best sports game i have played on 7 Jan 2012 2:09 PM
  • You can thank Afriendofurs for this TQ! TQ: What’s your favorite anime opening? And if you don’t watch anime then what’s your favorite television show opening? And if you don’t watch that either… then… then…. SHAME! SHAME ON YOU! Afriend just wanted to know the first question but I added the rest. Lol My Answer: I was gonna say classic Yu-gi-oh anime has some of my favorite anime openings BUT I recently started watching a certain special anime called Tokyo Ghoul and my favorite anime instantly became Tokyo Ghoul. The anime is such a freaking emotional rollercoaster filled with tense drama that I started watching Desert Punk just to get a few laughs. Turns out, I’m becoming a huge fan of Desert Punk too! I’m watching Tokyo Ghoul in Japanese with English subtitles because the voice actors and actresses have so much emotion in their voices. I’m watching Desert Punk with English voice acting because its actually funny and enjoyable for me with English voices! on 29 Dec 2014 12:05 AM
  • Published my first short story. on 4 Aug 2013 11:09 PM
  • R.I.P PS3 :( on 17 Jan 2012 7:09 PM
  • Eh.. What? on 21 Nov 2013 8:03 PM
  • Wanna fight about it? on 12 Sep 2014 9:19 PM
  • If you want to work in the industry, this site could be REALLY useful. on 26 Jan 2012 11:18 PM
  • I CAN'T CHANGE MY BIO!!!!!!! on 6 May 2013 8:34 PM
  • Everybody do the flop! on 21 Apr 2014 6:25 PM
  • Begin: on 2 Jul 2013 7:38 PM
  • Even though all of these great games have come out, I still find myself trying to 100% Ocarina of Time 3D. on 18 Nov 2011 2:36 PM
  • Thanks to the Indie&Mojo Show for the shout out! on 4 Nov 2011 6:10 PM
  • Super Mario 3D World was much better then what I was expecting. on 7 Jan 2014 12:27 PM
  • 27 days until the Mass Effect 3 demo. 49 days until Mass Effect 3. on 18 Jan 2012 11:15 AM
  • I just spent 5 hours working on a 1000 piece puzzle. I didn't realize I had been working on it for so long. So many pieces... on 27 Dec 2013 11:56 PM
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