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I'm chillin like a villain. Just had another beautiful baby boy on Tuesday night, we'll my wife did, but i had a part in making are new gift lol. After watching her give birth again for the second time since we've been together just makes me respect the hell out of her even more, all women for that matter. She had to do it all natural, no drug's because the baby was coming so fast there was no time, it was insane to say the least. Very intense experience to be apart of,  I'm so grateful I was. My other son is already all about video games so will see if my NEW little one has any interest in them, if not I'm cool with that of course. I played a lot of video game's growing up, but i also was a huge outdoors kid too, i spent a lot of my time hiking around and exploring. I'm going to always make sure my boy's have a healthy dose of what nature offers when ever possible,  but it's not always possible and that's when good old video games come in, for me at least they can do what ever makes them happy. Even though my oldest dosent play game's he loves watching them A LOT!!  because they remind him of cartoons, like Slim Ranchers (his favorite) and Mario Bros. Never in my life did I think I would be blessed with two boy's, not after the way i lived it (very very Recklessly) for so many years, but here I am and i couldn't be happier. on 18 Feb 2018 4:41 PM
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