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  • Suriel Vazquez's 2017 Games Of The Year



    Hey, we did it! 2017 is over! Here are the best games from that year.

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  • Suriel Vazquez's 2016 Games Of The Year


    2016 was a bad year in many respects, but I generally had a good time. It was the first time I was able to make a living as a writer, finally went to Evo (and Capcom Cup!), got hired at Game Informer, and played a lot of great games. Although I think... More
  • Meet Game Informer's New Associate Editor

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    In 2004, I was sitting in my middle school's Tech and Living class. Instead of learning to make eggs with milk (which I haven't ever done since), I sat down and read an entire issue of Game Informer front-to-back (Issue 140, for the curious). I remember looking at the people who worked for the magazine I'd been reading for years on the staff page and thinking, "I bet they have the coolest job." If I had magically appeared from the future to tell my younger self he'd be working there as an associate editor before Half-Life 3 came out, I don't think he would've believed me - both about the job and that Half-Life 3 would never come out. More

    We welcome the newest member of the Game Informer team.

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