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  • I Hope Metal Gear Isn't The Next Final Fantasy


    If you asked me to sum up the Metal Gear series to the best of my ability, I would enthusiastically ramble on about stealth action, mechs, political intrigue, ninjas, mullets, cardboard boxes, enemies that read minds, lengthy story breaks, posters hung on locker doors, the crazy stuff that happens when these locker doors are closed, and at the end of it all, I likely wouldn’t be able to paint a definitive picture for you. I’m not crazy, and my memory of the series remains razor sharp. My takeaway: The Metal Gear series is always changing. Gameplay commonalities tie each game together, but most of the content doesn’t adhere to a consistent framework. That’s what makes this series so exciting. You never really know what Kojima Productions is going to deliver next. We even find ourselves second guessing if Snake will remain the protagonist, thanks to a brilliant (and controversial) character switch in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. More

    Andrew Reiner hopes Kojima Productions knows how to count to five.

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  • Reader Creates Game Informer-Themed Royal Rumble

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    Game Informer reader "Attackcobra" recreated the likenesses of 10 Game Informer editors and inserted them into a Royal Rumble match in WWE '12.

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  • 2D Video Game Invades Reality In Excellent Music Video


    Xilent's "Boss Wave" music video shows what happens when a 2D video game meets the real world. Summary: Plenty of robot foes are blasted, flying eyeballs are annoying, and a few civilians are caught in the crossfire. Whether you like dubstep or not, you owe it to yourself to watch this amazing video game-inspired video. More

    Xilent's "Boss Wave" music video shows what happens when a 2D video game meets the real world.

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  • 200,000 Gamerscore Is Within Reach


    I stopped caring about my Xbox Live Gamerscore after I hit 100,000. At that point in time, the next milestone was obviously going to be 200,000 – a feat that would take me years to reach. I have the attention span of a fly, so there was no way I was going to stay engaged for multiple years to increase a number that has no meaning other than bragging rights. Years have passed since I hit 100,000, and my Gamerscore is now sitting at 195,149. That itch to reach the next milestone is a degree. I find myself torn between playing the games I legitimately want to play and playing games that will give me the easiest achievements. More

    I'm only 5,000 gamerscore away from another milestone number. Should I care?

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  • The Games I Completed In 2012


    In 2011, I completed 70 games. The blog I wrote listed 69 games, but I managed to finish L.A. Noire on December 31 with just two hours left before ringing in the New Year. More

    In 2011, I completed 70 games. How many did I finish in 2012?

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  • Hundreds Delivers Stressful Fun


    Welcome to Hundreds, a new iOS game by Semi Secret Software.

    How does it work? You see that "76" hidden behind a grey sphere? If that number reaches 100, the level is complete. To make this number grow, the player must tap and hold the grey spheres. In this particular stage, the like colored spheres must be touched in unison. Holding a finger on a sphere makes the number climb and also increases the size of the sphere. If any of the spheres collide with one another, the game is over. If a sphere touches a spinning saw blade of doom, its number is reduced to 0. For this stage, dividing the number evenly across all four spheres is a great strategy. In other stages, victory may come from one or two giant spheres. Seems simple, right? More

    It's frying my nerves, yet I can't stop playing it.

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  • An iOS Space Shooter You Should Consider Playing

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    My coworkers often make fun of me for playing everything. And I mean everything. I play bad licensed kids games, purchase weird iOS games with the word “Fart” in the title, and deem any game that scores a 1 or higher on Game Informer’s scoring scale to be in my wheelhouse. People often ask me why I play these games, and I say that they give me perspective. One of the few games that I refused to play this year was Psyonix Studios’ Arc Squadron, an on-rails space shooter for iOS. More

    Arc Squadron is a must-play for fans of Star Fox and Panzer Dragoon.

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  • Small Moments That Make A Big Difference


    The Game Informer staff has amassed a sizable collection of articles that highlight the top moments in video games. Whether its Kim defending Final Fantasy X's awkward laughing sequence or Tim reflecting on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night's inverted castle, our writers provide insightful looks back at some of their favorite gaming memories. Most of these stories center on specific story sequences and amazing reveals; they usually don't account for the gameplay that defines these titles. More

    This ever-expanding list explores gameplay that defines titles, and small touches that make them stand out.

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  • The Man Of Steel Soars In New Trailer


    Kevin Costner is Superman's Earth dad? I fully support this idea. I also love how Man of Steel is looking. The lengthy trailer gives us a good look at Superman in action, and also the dark tone that director Zach Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan are hoping to achieve. Man of Steel looks to complement Nolan's Batman trilogy fairly well. More

    The lengthy trailer gives us a good look at Superman in action, and also the dark tone that director Zach Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan are hoping to achieve. Man of Steel looks to complement Nolan's Batman trilogy fairly well.

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  • Watch Star Trek Into Darkness' Teaser Trailer

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    I'm a big fan of J.J. Abrams' new direction for Star Trek. Abrams and the Bad Robot crew found a way to preserve this universe's rich lore, and also give it a fresh start. I hope Disney and LucasFilm find a similar approach for the new Star Wars films. I've read many of the Expanded Universe novels, and would hate to think that these stories don't matter. Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy is one of the best Star Wars stories to date. More

    Star Trek Into Darkness' teaser trailer shows plenty of eye-grabbing shots, but doesn't give away too many story details.

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  • Iron Man 3's Trailer Shows A Different Side Of Tony Stark


    In two Iron Man films and The Avengers, Tony Stark has been a cocky prankster, capable of dishing out hilarious one-liners in the face of great evil. In the Iron Man 3 trailer, we're seeing an entirely different side of this character. He's fearful, sleepless, and it looks like his entire world is about to be turned upside down. More

    Don't expect to hear any hilarious one-liners in this trailer.

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  • LTTP: Fart Cat


    Yesterday I asked my Twitter followers to list off their favorite mobile games of the year. Super Hexagon, and Rayman Jungle Run were mentioned the most. A few people also listed a game called Fart Cat as a defining release of 2012. The name of the game obviously intrigued me. I downloaded it immediately. More

    It turns out Fart Cat lives up to its namesake

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