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  • Join Daniel Tack At The Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo!

    Whoa, it's been a while since i posted to the blog thing here at Game Informer. I'm planning to use it more to highlight cool trips and world travels that aren't really suited for the home page. That said, this post is to highlight the fact... More
  • Meet Game Informer's New PC Editor!


    Today is my first day at Game Informer as PC Editor (that's me on the left). The journey to get here took many years, as I served in various editorial roles for, a smattering of assorted websites, and print publications outside of the gaming industry. Along the way, it’s been fascinating to view the industry through a variety of different lenses, approaching various aspects of gaming from consumer, business, and even investor perspectives. More

    Today is my first day at Game Informer as the new PC Editor. It’s been an interesting journey years in the making to get here.

    ... More