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  • why haven't harrison ford and denzel washington made a buddy cop film yet? on 12 Feb 2015 8:17 AM
  • So....Stuffs been happening. on 7 Jan 2015 5:03 PM
  • Hero Image credits go directly to Square Enix. The picture is the background of the FFXV official site, on 17 Sep 2014 10:18 PM
  • Hey baby, come to butt-head. on 25 Jul 2014 7:22 PM
  • So today, I took my brother and father to see Selma and just wow. Truly a remarkable and amazing biopic. You all need to see it. Easily one of the greatest films of 2014. Yeah i saw So today, I took my brother and father to see Selma and just wow. Truly a remarkable and amazing biopic. on 10 Jan 2015 8:12 PM
  • Y'all can *** off. on 29 Dec 2014 7:28 PM
  • Waiting for Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain on 5 Jul 2013 1:19 PM
  • ...More like "Uncompromising arse kissing to graphics-focused games". on 19 Feb 2015 11:14 AM
  • I started watching House of Cards. I want to be Frank Underwood when I grow up. on 1 Mar 2015 5:40 PM
  • I saw an adorable bunny when I was shoveling snow earlier this morning! I stopped shoveling and just watched as it hopped all around the snow. Man, it was cute. And I’m totally one of those guys that starts dancing when he hears a good song in his headphones. Sometimes I’ll be walking around with music in my ears and if I hear a really good techno song start up… I can’t help but dance and get lost in the beat. You know how a really good song can like echo through your entire body and make you move? Yep! I got a bunch of songs on my phone and it can trigger me dancing. Alotta times when I’m playing games, I’ll just turn the video game music off and just listen to techno while I’ll play my games! on 1 Mar 2015 2:36 PM
  • Working my way through my first encounter with the Clickers. This is going to take a few tries. on 23 Feb 2015 6:02 PM
  • My Animal Crossing town survived! How did it do that?! on 2 Jan 2014 1:55 PM
  • Bought GTA off Amazon a few days ago. I'll get it by March 6-23... Goodie.... on 3 Mar 2015 12:00 PM
  • Bought WWE 2k14...not disappointed. on 11 Aug 2014 12:21 PM
  • So I've been delving into Resident Evil Revelations 2 last couple of nights and it's def won me over.  I had a $10 gift card from a previous pre-order and having that practically drop the entire game/seasonpass bundle in half, made it a good purchase.  I like the mystery of the story so far and it's absolutely wonderful to have Barry back AND in his... FIRST staring game.  I like the changes to the AI partners being support characters and allowing you to switch between them.  The little passive skills you earn via BP points adds a nice little sense of progression.  Gotta say, the game def doesn't throw any punches and I ended up with zero ammo, 1 Herb and 1 molotov.  Not really digging the health status/bar being replaced by "BLOODY SCREEN, SO REAL" (props to those who get that).  I've def spent more time in Raid Mode which is AN UTTER BLAST!  Something about running from level to level popping enemies and having the rpg elements just makes it an entirely different game.  For $14 this absolutely a helluva bargain and It's def a favorite of mine currently.  While it isn't "classical Resident Evil" it's def one of their better titles to date imo.  However, small gripe, the game def doesn't look next gen, the textures are kinda low res and Claire looks bad from the front xD  All in all a solid 8/10 for me. on 2 Mar 2015 3:10 AM
  • Dammit, I'm going on the on and off stage on Gameinformer on 25 Sep 2014 3:06 PM
  • Have music people. on 3 Mar 2015 3:59 PM
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