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  • Starting to get bored with Destiny, so I am not playing it for as much time as I have been.  I am now playing Borderlands TPS, The Evil Within, and Shadows of the Damned. I just downloaded I am Alive yesterday for a few bucks, so I will be starting in on that one soon as possible.  Have a safe Halloween everybody! on 30 Oct 2014 7:59 PM
  • It's national Spoop day. How will you be spooped today? I'm going to play Lone Survivor. on 31 Oct 2014 9:24 AM
  • Band members will be the death of me but I'm okay with it on 17 Sep 2014 10:26 PM
  • Happy Halloween! on 31 Oct 2014 5:09 PM
  • Finally got around to doing the final story mission in Destiny. The story in that game is shockingly bad. on 20 Sep 2014 2:25 PM
  • Sorry to say, my review of Alien: Isolation is probably going to be late. I want to complete the game before writing a review, and it's giving me a good challenge. My First Impressions are on my YouTube channel if you are interested in still knowing my first opinion from it. on 12 Oct 2014 6:56 PM
  • Ill see y'all in another life. Got my own to live. on 14 Oct 2014 8:51 AM
  • Bought WWE 2k14...not disappointed. on 11 Aug 2014 12:21 PM
  • Best Birthday Ever! Thanks you guys for helping me celebrate such a day! :D on 24 Jul 2014 8:19 AM
  • lightning returns. on 5 Nov 2013 6:41 PM
  • So, here's a random update for the first time in almost 5 months! :D on 30 Oct 2014 6:53 PM
  • Hey, remember when I drew knock off Pokemon starters a while back? Well I finally came around and drew their second evolutions. Yay.Tell me what you think of them and what their names should be. Also turning the AI file I used the create them into a jpeg kinda killed the colors for some reason. Weird. on 30 Oct 2014 1:32 PM
  • Hi guys, If you're looking at my page you should check out the Fluff Group......I wrote stuff in there. on 25 Sep 2014 4:59 PM
  • Do you have any gaming plans for today? I'll probably just play some Bioshock 2. Maybe I'll play some Majora's Mask too. on 31 Oct 2014 11:54 AM
  • Trolling....>.< on 16 Mar 2014 5:38 PM
  • Man, life is crazy you guys. on 18 Oct 2014 3:39 PM
  • Virtuous Dusk. on 26 Sep 2014 11:19 AM
  • Streaming MLB 14: The Show right now. You should totally, like, watch me. on 17 Jul 2014 9:33 PM
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