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  • Review: Record of Agarest War


    Having been in Japan and Europe for well over a year and Aksys Games brings it stateside this week. I’m talking about Record of Agarest War (RoAW), the TRPG that has the dating sim side of the game advertised more than the actual TRPG side. On XBOX... More
  • The Next Big Thing: DESURA


    The above logo and name may not mean much to people at the moment, but the one of the left is one that any gamer who’s ever touched a PC should know well. ModDB has long been a popular site that features user created modifications to games. It’s... More
  • Fairchild VI - Episode 5

    Episode 5 may have been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. In our 5th installment, Dietrich Stogner sits in with Shawn, Kevin and Katherine as start off with a brief discussion about diversity of opinion on podcasts, why it’s important... More
  • Gaming Conflation


    Gaming is a culture, right? I mean, many gamers consider it a lifestyle, and that’s what makes it appealing to many of us. However, it seems that the “higher ups” – your Activisions, THQs, and your EAs see it as more of a business... More
  • Interview: James Kochalka & PixelJAM on Upcoming Title “Glorkian Warrior”

    Originally I wanted to give the audience the idea that what they were basically going to be reading about were an immovable force going against improbable odds armed with an unstoppable idea. Pixeljam and James Kochalka are squarely immovable and with... More
  • Exclusive Interview: Indie Developer Jason Wishnov of “Sequence”, An Upcoming Rhythm Roleplaying Game


    Recently the 12th Annual Independent Games Forum (IGF) was held and several independent developers walked away with prestigious awards as well as gaming community spotlights cast upon them. But what about the developers that are smaller still; the developers... More
  • User Review: God of War III


    There’s a lot to be said about God of War, some of it good and some of it bad. The game is nonetheless a hit that now spans 2 generations of the Sony console. Starting just 5 years ago, players were introduced to Kratos, the Spartan warrior who... More
  • User Review: Final Fantasy XIII


    I'll go ahead and tell you now... brace for the impact of a serious wall of text.

    I'll go ahead and tell you now... brace for the impact of a serious wall of text. F inal Fantasy XIII struck me as a bountiful mix of X, X-2, VII, XII with story style impact undertones of VI and turned out much better than over critical fanatic internet... More
  • Rethinking Apple and Gaming


    All hail Hypnotoad!

    A few months ago, the idea had been passed around the blogosphere and it started a small fire. People got excited and began the rounds of conjecture; bickering over if they will or if they won't, tossing about ideas of what they should and shouldn't... More
  • A Cast of Characters that Suck

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    When we play games we become attached to the characters involved. Often times we forget that the characters we adore have no real value or we place a false value on them (at least that's my opinion of it). Characters like the Master Chief, Soap MacTavish... More
  • [Spoiler Free] Heavy Rain: How And Why It Hurts So Good


    There is a saying: The most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her child. Perhaps this is because people unfortunate (or dumb) enough to place themselves been between a father and his child never survived. People may prefer to think... More
  • Fairchild VI: Episode 4


    In our episode 4 , we're joined by guest Jack Huang (, Cerebral Collective), who enlightens us as to some of the reasons why China may impose certain restrictions on video games that we in the Western world would find offensive or ridiculous... More