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  • "Taliban"-ned

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    The news regarding the change from Taliban to Opposing Force brings mixed emotions. I reflect upon the classic tale of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in contemplation on what is in the name “Taliban.” 'Tis but thy name that is my... More
  • Front Mission [d]Evolved


    They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but why in the hell would anyone want to imitate a series of games that already made their last stand and are noted for more faults than fruits? This is a question that will haunt me every time I stare... More
  • Keeping it Classy, Kotick


    Let me start by saying, Bob, you are a f*cking idiot, and I mean that in all sincerity Bobby Kotick, head of Activision Blizzard, wrote earlier in a letter to the Supreme Court: "The Argument that video games present some kind of new ominous threat... More
  • War on an Abstract Noun: How the Debate on Video Game Violence is 'Doing It Wrong'.


    {This is simply part of a chapter in the book I'm working on to pass the time.} The effects and affects of violence in video games on society and its individual members has been a long drawn out debate. From the days of Wolfenstein 3D onward, parents... More
  • Butler and Molyneux Walk In To A Bar...


    What if Peter Molyneux and Kevin Butler, walked into a bar, sat down and began talking candidly about Kinect and Move? I imagine it would play out something like this: Butler : Hey Pete, how’s that uh, that third grade science fair project coming…... More
  • Letting Go

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    I'm going to go ahead and get it out of the way, but this is a long post, with a lot to process. If you're a " I didn't read all of it, but I'm going to open my mouth anyway" person, save it and move on.... There are a plethora... More
  • User Review: Transformers: War For Cybertron

    Transformers: War For Cybertron is a game that is hard to really pin down as either good or bad; it’s both to such a degree that it ends up being just a bit above average. From the fan service standpoint the game is absolutely successful. It follows... More
  • GAMEs ARen'T


    A question that has plagued the gaming community for over a decade (maybe more): Are video games art? The question of whether video games are art has been answered often times in the wrong manner primarily by attempting to explain why video games are... More
  • 5 Games That Failed To Reach Their True Potential


    Disappointment is a part of life. In fact, most things in reality are fairly disappointing which is why many people turn to video games. They're a kind of trap door that leads to a different world. In this world players get to experience a sense of... More
  • Review: ModNation Racers


    Few kart racers stand up to the fun and pace of ModNation Racers (MNR), Mario Kart included. From the fact paced kart racing along an increasingly difficult set of opponents and track styles, the small but interesting weapons, to the seemingly endless... More
  • Review: 3D Dot Game Heroes



    There’s something about retro gaming that remains appealing to gamers. Maybe its the memories ‘old school’ gamers get to relive, the dip into history and insight given to those born well into the 16 bit era, or perhaps it is the pure... More
  • Law Restricting "M" Rated Game Sales FROM Minors? Yes, thanks.


    In March of 1775 at a small church, a radical by the name of Patrick Henry gave a speech to the Virginia Convention. In his speech Henry said one of the most famous lines in American History: “Give me liberty or give me death!” The context... More