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  • Apparently I'm even better at Smash when I'm drunk. on 29 Aug 2015 1:55 AM
  • I'm not dead, but school's started back, so I'm pretty much going to be dead until I can get into a working schedule. on 7 Aug 2015 9:15 AM
  • meh on 27 Feb 2014 10:00 PM
  • Huh? I'm...I'm alive! Sweet life flows through my veins once again! Looks like I only need to be resuscitated every couple of months. Speaking of which: if you only had a week to play one last game, what'd it be? on 20 Nov 2014 11:43 PM
  • I really do want to go back into this community but I just can't. Most of you are so *** pathetic and it's sad how bad this place has fallen these past few years. on 30 Jul 2015 10:30 PM
  • It's spreading. The highly infectious disease of the Cpu. Tis truly a shame.... But this was meant to be. on 15 Dec 2013 2:17 PM
  • Best Birthday Ever! Thanks you guys for helping me celebrate such a day! :D on 24 Jul 2014 8:19 AM
  • Right bumper. on 30 Aug 2015 6:18 PM
  • Well you did it GI. You got me back into Destiny with all your excellent coverage this month. And to think I was irked you put DLC on your cover. I have been off Destiny for 3 months after the Luke Smith & Taken King initial reveal debacle. I didn't know if or when I'd ever play it again and certainly had no intention of buying TTK. However this month's flood of information has not only calmed my fears, squashed my indifference, but actually got me excited to play again. Hell even Luke redeemed himself in the 100+ Q/A video GI did (it was hilarious btw.) Bungie putting the oft sought after gun of guns: Gjallarhorn up for sale was a smart move as well. That act alone at least got me to sign on finally. With all that's been discussed and shared thus far I find myself more thrilled to play TTK & year 2 Destiny than I was to even play the original Destiny this time last year. This is the proactive progressive Bungie of old that is shared around campfires like a legendary mythical figure in gaming not the Bungie the internet created out of smoke & mirrors, ignorance & indignation. I am going to buy TTK day 1 not to reward Bungie for fixing their mistakes but to reward myself for not boarding the Destiny hate train and staying on board until the inevitable crash & burn that hate always leads to. I stepped aside out of skepticism but I now return with renewed vigor. I look forward to seeing old faces and new ones come Sep 15th. See you in the Reef guardians. Whether I'm dancing or dying I expect you to lend a hand:) on 30 Aug 2015 12:22 PM
  • on 5 Aug 2015 1:54 AM
  • Hi guys, If you're looking at my page you should check out the Fluff Group......I wrote stuff in there. on 25 Sep 2014 4:59 PM
  • So what's up with you? on 27 Aug 2015 5:37 PM
  • Well, in "news of the totally unexpected," our original game, GravBlocks, has apparently... been Greenlit for Steam. on 28 Aug 2015 9:35 AM
  • If you can't tell, I'm on hiatus from this site at the moment. My PSN is "SickTwistedWorld". Kik is "ThisWorldBegins". If you need me, I'll be kicking a Claptrap on repeat for the rest of existence. on 18 Apr 2015 3:10 PM
  • AND SO IT BEGINS! on 30 Jun 2015 12:13 PM
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