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  • Has anyone played Red Faction? If so, which installment would you recommend? on 19 Apr 2014 1:34 PM
  • Everyone will be happy to know that I just finished Black Mesa Source. on 20 Apr 2014 12:16 AM
  • Three... more... weeks... on 23 Apr 2014 8:34 PM
  • AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! on 2 Apr 2014 5:50 PM
  • FAAAAAATAAAAL FRAAAAAAME! on 24 Apr 2014 4:39 PM
  • Welp, if anyone ever notices me (the generic user name definitely doesn't help) I've FINALLY decided to give myself an avatar.  Years of apathy and laziness finally caved in when I saw this downright awesome picture. on 16 Jan 2013 10:47 PM
  • I want you all to know, that I started collecting bottle caps. I must prepare for the future. on 24 Apr 2014 2:36 PM
  • If someone gives you cake, you don't ask why they're giving you cake, you smile and eat cake. on 22 Oct 2013 6:47 PM
  • I've created a SSB Wii U and 3DS poll that I'd like you to take. Polling closes on the 1st of May! on 18 Apr 2014 5:36 PM
  • GOD *** DAMMIT. on 30 Mar 2014 2:49 PM
  • After a whole night and part of an afternoon tinkering, I finally got my downloaded version of Steins;Gate to work. It may be unlike me, but since I put so much time in, I think I might just start Steins;Gate today. After all, it would be a shame if all of that effort went to me simply putting the game in the multitude of games that is my backlog. That and I like the music of the start screen and I rather liked what little portion I just watched of the intro. The lack of being able to make full-screen is a nuisance, but I'm sure it won't be enough to ruin my experience if this game is truly worth it. on 21 Apr 2014 4:35 PM
  • meh on 27 Feb 2014 10:00 PM
  • "Sailors don't cry, baby. Sailors never cry. Only when their ships go down. Or when they're shipwrecked, on rafts and all, with nothing to drink except--" on 6 Mar 2014 6:08 PM
  • What are your top 5 favorite animated movies? on 18 Apr 2014 9:02 AM
  • Two fantasy games come out on my birthday. Sweet. on 22 Apr 2014 10:12 AM
  • It's spreading. The highly infectious disease of the Cpu. Tis truly a shame.... But this was meant to be. on 15 Dec 2013 2:17 PM
  • Out of school for two weeks!Sweet! on 18 Apr 2014 4:36 PM
  • So I'm an official junior college graduate and I may or may not be getting Child of Light from Ubisoft for review. A good day. on 18 Apr 2014 9:36 PM
  • I've had Dark Souls II for about a week now and it's been something alright. My preperation was inadequate. I was reluctant first few days then paranoid the next few while playing. I was very happy last night and dreamt about it and woke up excited to play today. Tonight I am so ready to just give up entirely on my character and start over another day another week. It is teaching me many life lessons and truths about myself. It hurts. I like it. on 26 Mar 2014 2:02 AM
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