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  • Two more games from PS+ and I'm all out of space on my 640gb HDD. Geez. on 5 Feb 2014 11:23 AM
  • ZERO TIME DILEMMA. on 10 Mar 2016 3:35 PM
  • playing call of duty on 4 Dec 2012 3:37 PM
  • Fear the old blood. on 3 May 2015 8:30 PM
  • What can I do with all these damn lemons? on 23 Nov 2012 2:06 PM
  • B on 17 Apr 2013 3:14 PM
  • Sometimes I forget my dog is deaf and I wonder why he's not paying any attention to what I'm saying. on 28 Apr 2016 2:42 PM
  • 1: After having a mini meltdown about swapping hard-drives on my PS4, I can happily say that my PS4 has a new hard-drive and tons of space for games! Heck yeah! 2: I’m starting to get the feeling that one of my friend’s ex girl-friend (Sarah) has the hots for me. I was the first person to get to my class then a few moments later… Sarah walks in. Sarah has short brunette hair and dark brown eyes. She raises up her shirt a bit to show her stomach and she rubs it with her hand. She’s all like, “Hey, Morris! It’s really hot outside, huh? Like gawd. I’m SO sweaty.” I awkwardly smiled and agreed that it was really hot outside. During that whole freaking class, I caught Sarah staring at me. Whenever I caught her staring at me, she would smile and raise her eyebrows up and down really quick.  Whenever I said a joke in class, Sarah would be the loudest person laughing at my joke. After class, I caught up with some friends and talked with them. They told me that Sarah prolly thinks I’m cute or something. Then the teasing began. One friend told me he was gonna throw me off a roof if I didn’t go after Sarah. Another friend told me she thought the whole situation was hot. I know whatcha thinking: “Is Warrior gonna take the bait?” I’m pretty sure Sarah’s ex-boyfriend wants to get back with her and Sarah is prolly enjoying being single and being able to flirt with any guy she wanna now. on 27 Apr 2016 12:26 AM
  • Carson was only temporarily banned. Learning this, I reduced the number of >'s in my name. They're still worse than Superman 64, but not as much as they were. on 5 Feb 2013 9:18 PM
  • I'm 80% sure I saw 50 Cent at Wal Mart today. It could have been a microwave, but I'm pretty sure it was him. on 15 Jan 2014 5:57 PM
  • Just picked up MLB 2015 for PS4.  Like everything except when the game says my pitching is poor! on 2 Apr 2015 8:41 AM
  • JOJO PART 4 on 1 Apr 2016 1:57 PM
  • Those boring days. on 27 Nov 2012 11:48 PM
  • Doom 3 BFG is awesome on 29 Oct 2012 5:53 AM
  • Working retail got me like: on 12 Mar 2016 1:28 AM
  • Profile kind of edited on 7 Dec 2012 6:11 PM
  • It's been a Loooooooong time... How have you been? on 3 Feb 2014 11:38 PM
  • I'm playing dishonored,but i cant wait for need for speed most wanted. on 10 Oct 2012 2:14 PM
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