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    Hello GameInformer community, I ha

    Hello GameInformer community, I have been playing Dragon Age: Origins for quite some time now on my playstation 3. As most of you know it is developed by BioWare, who also developed Mass Effect. I must say the game is very fun especially if you love a... More
  • GameInformer Issue 201- Collision236 Talks! Part One


    Issue 201 January 2010 Cover : Dead Space 2 The cover is very well done and can easily get people excited for Dead Space 2. I mean who doesn't love kicking the enemies face in. I love how the front and back of the magazine is shown as a landscape... More
  • Harry Potter Theme Park



    On May 31, 2007, Universal Orlando announced that it had secured the rights from Warner Bros. and from British author J. K. Rowling to bring The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Islands of Adventure. The 20-acre island will feature attractions, shops... More
  • History of the Eidolon: Shiva



    Warning: This blog will contain spoilers about Shiva from the Final Fantasy Series. Info is on Final Fantasy III through Final Fantasy XIII I tried my best and will most likely try to update it as I go along. If you find pictures and videos I could use... More
  • New Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song: Leona Lewis- My Hands [Music + Lyrics]



    I wake in the morning Tired of sleeping Get in the shower And make my bed alone I put on my make-up Talking to the mirror Ready for a new day Without you And I walk steady on my feet I talk my voice obeys me I go out at night Sleep without the lights... More
  • Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song [Lyrics + Music]

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    Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song Lyrics "Because I Have You" You suddenly said, “You can cry if you want” Somehow it made me happy, instead of tears I smiled My words so clumsy, they hurt you But I don’t want you to leave me,... More
  • Final Fantasy Agito XIII [Info + Pics + Trailer Inside]


    Final Fantasy Agito XIII is a Role-Playing game, developed and published by Square Enix, scheduled to be released in 2010. Final Fantasy Agito XIII is a video game for the PlayStation Portable [1] which, alongside Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy... More