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What i hope to see in Half=life 2 Episode 3: Portal technology is a definite must but i feel like they are trying to keep the two games separate so its hard to tell if they will bring it into one of theyre full games or not. Id like to see most of the original enemies with maybe a few additions just to help keep that half-life feel. Though the graphics in the old games are great, i expect to see a huge improvment while still utilizing that element of intense realism that theyve incorperated in the other games. A gripping and deep story that leads into a  sequel would be sweet and to top it all off, throw in  some co-op in the mix. How sick would it be if u n a few friends could take on the combine with some portal guns. That may be a bit much to hope for but Valve always is sure to please so im sure that episode 3 will be one of my all time favs the moment i put the disc in my console (which will hopefully be in the not too distant future). on 1 Sep 2010 10:34 AM
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